Breaking news of the day: May 18

Football news 18 may 2023, 18:07
Breaking news of the day: May 18 Photo: Sevilla Instagram/Author Unknown

DailySPORTS summarizes the day and highlights the main news that occurred on May 18.

The second leg matches of the UEFA Europa League semi-finals took place. "Roma" advanced by defeating "Bayer," while "Sevilla" emerged victorious over "Juventus."

The second leg matches of the UEFA Conference League semi-finals took place. "Fiorentina" triumphed over "Basel," and "West Ham" overcame AZ.

In the English Premier League, "Newcastle" secured a resounding victory against "Brighton."

"Arsenal" extended the contract of their first-choice goalkeeper.

"Tottenham" will part ways with an experienced Brazilian player in the summer.

Contenders for the title of the best player in the Premier League this season have been named.

Liverpool's head coach, Jürgen Klopp, received a significant punishment in the Premier League.

"Barcelona" is close to completing the transfer of a midfielder from "Manchester City."

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