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Betwinner bookmaker review

4.75 /5.0 BetWinner
Funds withdrawal 1-3 days
Payment methods
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  • Convenient registration options
  • Low margin
  • A wide range of sports betting
  • Live section
  • Online broadcasts for every taste
  • Bonus program
  • Convenient and thoughtful interface
  • Large selection of replenishment/withdrawals methods
  • CashOut
  • Little work experience
  • Average odds
  • Verification delays
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Common information about the bookmaker

📅 Founded in
📄 License
Curaçao licence number 8048/JAZ
UA, ENG, RUR, UZ, TJ, LT, KZ, AZ and others
Payment methods
Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Bitcoin, AirTM, Paysafecard by Skrill, ecoPayz, Neteller
Funds withdrawal
1-3 days
Can play from
Customer Support
✔️ Yes

Brief overview (General information)

BetWinner is an online casino and sportsbook founded in 2018 and is a subsidiary of 1XBet.

According to the latest information, BetWinner has 150,000 active members. Although, based on recent controversies, we'd assume that number is now significantly lower.

License and Legality

Whether a bookmaker is online or operates in a brick and mortar building, by law, they will need to have a licence. Online bookmaker licensing works slightly differently from brick and mortar. They don't need a licence for each country they operate in, just one that can be used internationally.

BetWinner is currently licensed in Curaçao. Many think Curaçao is a blue alcoholic drink, but it's also a Dutch island in the Caribbean. The most likely reason BetWinner is registered here is that bookmakers' taxes are much lower.

Their current licence status is a bit complicated, and to be honest, different sources say different things.

According to their website, they are currently using their Curaçao licence. The website says they are "Owned by Prevailer B.V.", and their Curaçao licence number is "8048/JAZ".

However, according to Wikipedia, the Curaçao licensing body took their licence away following some legal controversy. A lawsuit against them is still open.

So, to be blatantly honest, we're not too sure what their current licence status is.

Minimum and maximum rates

If you want to bet with BetWinner, you must stake at least 0.2€. However, we've been on their website. Because it's not available in most of Europe, we had to use a Columbian VPN.

0.2€ is the same as 885 Colombian Peso.

0.2€ is also £0.17 and $0.20. But, that information might not be too relevant, as the website is unavailable in the U.K. or USA.

The maximum payout for a single bet is 100,000€, which is £84,930.68 or $100,000.


We looked at player reviews to see what people think of BetWinner. Tips about whether or not we should recommend them.

Most players are not too happy with the bookmaker. An incredible 86% rated it as "bad".

One user commented that the site was a "scam", and his bets got cancelled. Another said that he lost his account for what seemed like no good reason.

Problems arise not only at users. Cricket player "Shakib" recently withdrew from a Sponsorship deal with them.

How we evaluated the bookmaker

Based on what we've read on the forums, Wikipedia, and the news, we would say BetWinner is probably best avoided.

They are currently in some sort of legal trouble, making their customers unhappy, and they even had to flee Curaçao after some licensing issues. What's weirder is that they now operate in Cyprus- but we used a Cypriot VPN on their website, which didn't work!

What's going on? Your guess is as good as ours. But one thing's for sure, we trust BetWinner.

Pros and cons

But, just because BetWinner has issues, that doesn't mean it's all bad. Here are some of the pros and cons we found on their website.


  • They have a large variety of sports to bet on. So, no matter what you're into, you can place bets on it.
  • Live betting. You can continue to place bets on what will happen at the end of a match, even if it's currently being played.
  • Good variety of casino games. If you prefer to play with playing cards than sports, BetWinner has plenty of options to pick from.


  • Just look at the customer complaints! Clearly, there is something wrong with this website.
  • The layout is very clumsy and difficult to navigate. Although they have lots of sports, finding the match you want to bet on is often more complex than it needs to be.
  • The pricing structure is a bit odd. The odds and their ratios are a bit off and sometimes seemingly wholly random.


When someone talks about a bookmaker's "Marginality", they mean the total amount their odds add up to.

If you look at any official (not Bookmakers odds), they will always add up to 100%. But, bookmakers will often change these to make a higher profit.

To look at the marginality of BetWinner, we looked at 6 football games. 3 from high-level English football, and 3 from lower level. Here is what we found.

For high-level football, we looked at the odds for "Everton vs Nottingham", "Southampton vs Leicester", and "Fulham vs Brentford". We found an average of 103%, which means a 3% margin.

For the lower-level football, we looked at "Dorking vs Gateshead", "Havant and Waterlooville vs Dover", and "Doncaster vs Salford". An average of 107% means their margin for low-level football is 7%.

It's not uncommon for low-level football to have a higher margin than high-level football. Probably because fewer people are betting on it, a higher margin is required to make a profit.


Popular Events

Ordinary competitions
















Average margin

Figuring out the average margin is difficult with the information we got.

To find the average margin across BetWinner, we would have had to figure out the margin of every game and then work out the average.

However, based on what we know, it's safe to assume their average margin won't be much higher than 7%.

Financial operations

As with most online Bookmakers, betters can add money into their account and withdraw it using their Visa or MasterCard.

They also have many E-wallet payment options; Skrill, PerfectMoney, AirTM, SafetyPay, EcoPayz, Neteller, and Redservi.

But, unlike most other online bookmakers, you can also pay and get paid in various forms of cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Ethereum, Zcash, and many others.

For most payment options, there is a minimum deposit of 1€ (or the equivalent in whatever currency you use). But, for some cryptocurrency payments, the minimum deposit is 4.5€.

BetWinner has no maximum withdrawals, although payment processing will take longer if you withdraw a significant amount. And you can always contact customer support if there's an issue.

Available payment systems at

Account replenishment

To replenish your account, you simply need to click on the $ at the top of the page and select "Deposit".

You pick which payment method you wish to use and put in at least 1€ (usually). Then you have the money, and you can gamble away.


When you've had enough and want to cash out, click on the same $ sign, but this time, you want to click on "Withdrawals".

The withdrawal options are the same as the deposit options. We recommend using the same method to withdraw as you used to deposit.

Most of the time, payments will be made immediately, but they may take longer if you have a larger amount.


BetWinner does not take a commission from the money their users win. However, they run an affiliate programme allowing other websites to use their services.

If you use BetWinner via one of their affiliates, BetWinner will take up to 25% commission. However, whether or not this commission is passed onto you will depend on which affiliate you use.

Tax on winnings

If you're wondering whether or not you'll get taxed on what you win with BetWinner, it's a bit complicated.

In the U.K., we don't get taxed on bet winnings. However, to use BetWinner in the U.K., you will need to have a VPN, and based on our experience, most likely a South American VPN. Bet winnings are taxed in many South American countries.

So, will you be taxed if you win a lot using BetWinner? We don't know-is our honest answer.


If you want to make a BetWinner prediction, you can get a 100% bonus on your first deposit.

This means that if you put in an amount worth $20, you can bet with $40. To get this bonus, you must register for an account and make your first deposit.

We should say that the maximum you can win from the bonus programme is 91€- or the equivalent in whatever currency you use. And, if you want to use accumulator bets with the bonus programme, the rules are a bit complicated, so make sure to read them first.

Betwinner bonuses

Application and mobile version of the bookmaker

If you're in one of the eligible countries (or you have a VPN), BetWinner is available on mobile phone. You can also download the BetWinner App on any Android or iOS device.

Mobile for Android and IOs BetWinner

Supported Devices

You will need an Android or iOS device if you're using the app. But, if you just want to use the website, all you need is a device with internet access and a working browser.

But regardless of whether you're using the app or a browser, you will need a VPN for a country that BetWinner allows or allows BetWinner.

Comparison of the mobile version of the site with the application

There is no significant difference between the app and the BetWinner mobile website. The features are exactly the same. So, we wouldn't recommend downloading the app as it just takes space on your phone.

Official site

The official website for BetWinner is

This website lets you view all the sports you can bet on and casino games you can play. However, the website itself is strangely laid out and difficult to navigate. They might have what you want, but they don't make finding it easy.

And the colour scheme makes it look like a cheap rip-off of "1xBet".

main page of betwinner bookmaker website

Features of the site functionality

As mentioned, you can view available sports on the website. At the top is where you can access casino games and look at information from live matches.

If you want to look at any information, such as customer support, terms and conditions, or "About Us", you will need to scroll down to the bottom.

As far as we can tell, English is the only language in which you can view the website.


Not everyone wants to bet on their favourite sports team. For some, casino games are more their thing. This could be because you're not a sports fan or just enjoy playing the games. If that's you, BetWinner has plenty of options to pick from.

As well as live casino games, they also offer most of the familiar tabletop games you would expect. Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Hold and Win, Bingo, Baccarat, and a great selection of other tabletop games.

Casino on


We've just mentioned that BetWinner has a live casino, so if you want to play poker as it happens, feel free!

But what if you're more of a sports fan? You have a BetWinner prediction today and now is when the game is happening. You can still bet on a game while it's happening and get live data from the game you're betting on.

Broadcast matches

As far as we're aware, BetWinner does not broadcast any of their live matches. So, whilst you can get information about them, you cannot watch them.


Tote betting is usually done with horse racing, although it doesn't have to be. It's where the amount won is based on how much money has been raised from the scheme, rather than fixed odds (like most sports betting is).

If you want to participate in "Tote betting", you can do so with BetWinner's "Toto Ticket".

This is one ticket that covers 8 matches. Each participant must predict the full-time score for each of the 8 games on the ticket. And to win any money, you will need to get at least 2 of the scores correct.

You can only guess one score for each match.

When all matches have been played, 95% of funds from all "Toto" tickets will be shared between all winning participants.

Account registration

Want to create an account on BetWinner? Registration is easy!

If you want to make it quick, you'll need a mobile phone number or a BetWinner promo code.

However, we recommend registering using your email to make it safer and more secure. Once registered, your BetWinner login will consist of a username and password.

Click on "Register" and select "Register by email".

Registration at

You will need to fill out your country, city, email, phone number, name and password here. Once you click "register", your username will be emailed to you. To see your username, verify your account by clicking the link in the welcome email, and your username will be displayed.

When you want to make your first deposit, you will need to enter some form of payment details.

Under some circumstances, such as if you wish to use the bonus, extra verification is required.


BetWinner uses a system called KYC (Know your customer) verification. Once you've verified your email address, you might need to send some form of identity document to show that you are who you say you are and you are how old you say you are.

This document can be your passport, driver's licence, I.D., or anything to show your face and personal details. Of course, you don't need to send in the physical document; you just need to send a clear picture of it.

Personal Area

In BetWinner's personal area, you can view all the items you would expect. Of course, you can make deposits and withdrawals via the personal area.

Additionally, you can view your bet and transaction history. This might help you decide whether you've bet enough recently and want to take a break. Or, if you haven't bet in a while and you feel you've earned it.

The personal area also has a button that allows you to invite your friends to use BetWinner. And another that shows the current gifts and bonuses.

Finally, the personal area allows you to edit your profile. So, if you change your address, phone number, or anything else, you can update it here.

Bookmaker's rules

BetWinner (like most other bookmakers) has a large terms and conditions section, but listed below are the points that we believe are likely to be the most relevant to those reading.

  • If you have placed a bet on a live game, you cannot change or delete your bet unless under very specific circumstances.
  • If BetWinner believes you have misled the staff in any way, your bets could be cancelled.
  • BetWinner is not liable for technical issues. This means if a bet doesn't go through because of technical problems, they cannot be held responsible for any money you might have lost.
  • For an additional fee, you can ensure your bets. Insurance costs will be deducted from your account balance.
  • To use BetWinner, you must be of legal age in your country of residence.

Safety and reliability

Regarding payment, Visa and MasterCard are globally recognised as safe options. As are many of the E-Wallets they allow users to make deposits and withdrawals with.

We would advise caution if you're paying with cryptocurrency. Make sure you use a crypto wallet that you fully understand to avoid the chance of your money ending up in the wrong hands.

To keep under 18s out of betting, BetWinner hasn't done an outstanding job. There is no age verification if you're willing to forgo the bonus. All they have is a sign that says "18+" at the bottom of the page.

And, unlike many other betting websites, BetWinner doesn't seem to care about their customers who develop gambling addictions. Websites like Bet365 will work with gambling charities to protect their customers. But, BetWinner has no information or support for gambling addiction.

Technical support

If you have an issue, you can contact technical support by calling them on +44 203 455 62 22.

Whether you're facing a technical issue or there is something you just don't understand, you can always give them a call to see if they can sort the problem out for you.

Social activities and Sponsorship

Currently, BetWinner is not sponsoring anyone. They used to sponsor the cricket player "Shakib", but since their legal troubles, Shakib has dropped the sponsorship arrangements.

We'll admit, it's not a good sign when people start cutting off sponsorships because of legal issues.


Our final conclusion is based on many factors. What other users have said. Our own experiences. And what we've read in the news.

Obviously, this is just advice, and you can spend your money however you wish. But, we would advise you to avoid BetWinner like the plague.

We're not sure whether or not they're officially licensed. Customers complain that their rules are entirely unfair. But, even if they are perfectly legitimate, their website is clunky and unpleasant to use.

There are plenty of much better online bookmakers. We do not recommend BetWinner.


How to use the BetWinner bonus?

Register for your account, and verify your identity by sending clear photographs of your I.D. to

How to withdraw from BetWinner?

Click on the $ at the top of the BetWinner website. Select "Withdraw funds". Choose your preferred withdrawal method, and pick the amount you want to take out.

How to play BetWinner?

Once you've deposited into your account, playing is easy. You just find the match/game/race you want to bet on, type in how much you want to take, and click "place bet".

How to create an account in BetWinner?

At the top of the BetWinner website, just click on "Register". Then, fill out your details, and click the link in the email they send you.

How to replenish an account in BetWinner?

Click on the $ at the top of the page, and click "Deposit". From here, you need to select your deposit method and the amount you wish to put in.

How to pass the online identification in BetWinner?

Verify your account by clicking the verification link in your welcome email. Verify your identity by sending a clear picture of your I.D. to

Where to download the BetWinner mobile app?

You can download the BetWinner app via Google Play or the iOS app. Most modern smartphones will have these functions.

How to place a bet in BetWinner?

Playing is easy once you've deposited it into your account. You just find the match/game/race you want to bet on, type in how much you want to stake, and click "place bet".

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