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Kenley Ward Kenley Ward

A child of the 1970s, a lover of 80s music and the German Bundesliga in the 90s. I placed my first bet on Bayern Munich vs Borussia Dortmund, and since then I have made a profit every year with the bookmaker. Some bookmakers even closed my accounts and accused me of cheating. But it's much simpler than that: I'm very good at analysing the information that comes to me.

At Dailysports I work as news feed editor and occasionally write predictions.

Favourite sportsman - Marco Reus. Favourite team - Borussia Dortmund.

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Steven Perez Steven Perez

Many people underestimate the NHL and think that this tournament will never be the same again. However, the major hockey league has a very promising future ahead of it. Yes, you guessed it: I'm the hockey author at Dailysports, although I don't always get to show off my knowledge. I'm still young to brag about my success in journalism. But I am very ambitious to conquer new heights.

Favourite team - Calgary Flames. Favourite player - Wayne Douglas Gretzky.

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Oliver White Oliver White

I am a sports journalist with specialized education and 12-year experience in well-known media. I am a participant of competitions for football commentators, a professional tipster who shares the predictions for free.

My predictions are the results of taking into account all the nuances that can affect the event. At the same time, I am convinced of the need to trust my intuition, even if it sometimes contradicts the conclusions of the analysis. The success of any deal requires creativity and, of course, a certain amount of luck.

Favourite team - Juventus. Favourite player - Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Robert Sykes Robert Sykes

The Dailysports website is my first serious experience as a news editor. And that adds to my motivation to perform at my best alongside experienced masters, some of whom have been in journalism for more than 20 years. I love my job, and in my free time I like to spend with my wife and children. I have been a fan of Mamelodi Sundowns since childhood and am looking forward to seeing the club play in the FIFA Club World Cup.

Favourite sportsman - Petr Cech. Favourite team - Chelsea of José Mourinho's time.

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Yasmine Green Yasmine Green

I am a sports journalist with many years of experience. I have had a passion for sport since a young age and have always wanted to tell people about it.

Throughout my career, I have had the honour of interviewing many of the world's famous athletes, covering major sporting events and writing articles that captivated and informed readers.

I am proud to use my work to share my love of sport with others and inspire people to achieve their goals.

I always strive to ensure my work is accurate, unbiased and entertaining, and I'm always looking for new ways to tell stories about sport that will make people think.

Favourite team - New York Knicks. Favourite athlete - Ingrid Tandrevoll.

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Liam Carter Liam Carter

Ready to name the starting line-ups for the 1990 FIFA World Cup final at any time of the day. Diego Maradona is a love that remains with me to this day. It was the great Argentinean who helped me make the choice in favour of journalism, in which I have been working since 2007.

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Jason Collins Jason Collins

I have been a Manchester United fan since my childhood. I remember all the victories of the team together with Sir Alex Ferguson, and with great pain I experience all the failures right now. I watch a lot of English Premier League matches, but I am no stranger to other sports.

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Ileana Sanchez Ileana Sanchez

I have been working as a journalist since 2003. For a woman, the path into the sports journalism profession is more difficult. But I managed to get through all the difficulties and became one of the heads of Dailysports. Hunger for success and courage in the face of difficulties is my motto in life. After the end of my career, I will definitely interview Kylian Mbappé and find out everything that people are afraid to ask him now.

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David Flower David Flower

I was repeatedly quoted by sports officials in their private meetings - they told me so themselves in one-on-one conversations. I was the first to raise important issues in African sport. I specialise in cricket, rugby, football and tennis.

Favourite athlete is Roger Federer.

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Dailysports Dailysports

We are the editorial staff of the Dailysports website. We write about those events that resonate in the souls of our users. No pops, only the most important and the most dear to each of us and you.

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Vincent West Vincent West

I dream of working at the Winter Olympics and the UEFA Champions League final. I have always wanted to be a sports journalist, so I took a special course when I was still at school. At Dailysports I specialise in team sports.

Favourite athlete - Dominik Hašek. Favourite team - Detroit Red Wings.

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Jan Novak Jan Novak

I was born in the Czech Republic in 1985, but have been living in Manchester for ten years, where I first worked in the local media. Graduated in journalism at a university in the Czech Republic. In the Dailysports team since 2016.

Favourite sportsman - Josep Guardiola. Favourite team - Manchester City.

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Miguel Solomons Miguel Solomons

I wrote my first articles in my school years with my notebook. By the way, I still have it and sometimes reread it to remind myself how the world has changed. For a few years I wrote blogs on various international websites until I was noticed by Dailysports scouts.

Favourite team - Mamelodi Sundowns. Favourite athlete - Ronwen Williams.

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Dillan George Dillan George

I have been writing about football for over 30 years. I was born in 1972 and always wanted to be a journalist. Back in the days when journalists didn't write on websites, and you still had to send your article to the editorial office and hope that it wouldn't be cut due to lack of space in the newspaper.

Favourite athlete - Lucas Radebe. Favourite team - South African cricket team.

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Leo Peterson Leo Peterson

My TV set shows sports round the clock: if there is no football, I switch on cricket, golf or any other sport that is on live right now. In journalism for more than 20 years. I joined the Dailysports team in 2023 and wish I had done it sooner.

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Lewis Blackhorme Lewis Blackhorme

Wigan-based sports journalist - born here and lived here all my life. In the early years of my career, I worked in local media, but joined the friendly team at international publication Dailysports in 2019. I specialise in rugby, cricket and football. My dream is to one day become editor-in-chief of a sports media outlet.

Favourite sportsman - Andy Liddell. Favourite team - Wigan Athletic.

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Alex Olise Alex Olise

Awarded "Best Journalist of the Decade" according to my children. I am married to an English teacher and have two sons. In my free time, I like to play football with my family and go to concerts.

Favourite sportsman - Petr Cech. Favourite team - Chelsea of José Mourinho's time.

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Lars Foster Lars Foster

He is a journalist with 10 years' experience. Born in Pretoria and started playing football at a young age. He was scouted by several European clubs, but due to many injuries in his childhood, he ended his career early. But he did not lose his love for football and decided to become a sports journalist.

Favourite athlete - Dwight Yorke. Favourite team - Manchester United.

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