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Yasmine Green Yasmine Green

I am a tipster. Being professionally involved in football and futsal in my youth, I know first-hand about what is happening on the field and “behind the scenes”.

I started betting on sports as a student, which has resulted in over 10 years of experience in this sphere. The higher mentioned performance was simultaneous to blogging about betting. A few years ago, I received an offer to share my vision of upcoming events on a well-known analytical portal, which I accepted and have been doing today.

I specialize in European football, namely the Premier League, the Primera and the Serie A, although, to be frank, I also follow other top leagues in a pretty close way. It goes without saying that the key to success in sports predictions is a detailed pre-match analysis. It seems unreal to achieve stable winnings without this work, and I try to make it as easy as possible for my readers.

Ileana Sanchez Ileana Sanchez

I have been involved in sports journalism since 2014. I worked in the newsroom, wrote a lot of review and analytical articles.

Being a generalist, well-oriented in all popular team sports, I consider football to be one of my favourite topics. Paying maximum attention, which has not weakened even after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, I follow the vicissitudes of the La Liga.

Supporting Real Madrid as much as possible, I do not lose the opportunity to observe interesting events in other European tournaments. Since 2020, I have been offering my predictions for the La Liga and Bundesliga matches. I wish good luck to everyone who makes bets, but, at the same time, I advise controlling the excitement and never forget that this is just a game.

Evseeva Zhanna Evseeva Zhanna

I graduated from Technical University in 2009. The active engagement in copywriting and journalism started during the student years. The cooperation with one sports portal resulted in a lot of materials about betting and a close acquaintance with this sphere. I can confidently call myself an experienced tipster. I specialize in football – the English Premier League, the German Bundesliga and the Spanish La Liga.

My first public predictions were made in 2018. And I have been a full-time employee of this site since 2021. Everyone can get acquainted with my materials and statistics of the predictions. Firstly, I try to provide as much useful and objective information as possible – thus, the reader can draw his or her own conclusions about the upcoming match.

Steven Perez Steven Perez

I have been a professional tipster for 20 years, although, to tell the truth, I made my first sports predictions when being a child. As long as one can remember, I have never missed football, tennis or basketball translations. Time is passing by and the area of my interest has noticeably expanded, covering even quite exotic kinds of sport.

Having been making public predictions for several years, I specialize on top 5 football championships, European competitions and national team matches. Everyone can evaluate my statistics at any time. But there is no 100% guarantee. I believe that each better is personally responsible for his or her choice; still, I am sincerely happy when my predictions help to win.

Kenley Ward Kenley Ward

I was born in 1997. My higher education, which is connected to physics and mathematics, is combined with journalism courses. I have been collaborating with various online publications for several years. Among them, one can find a lot of popular sports sites.

Being engaged in gymnastics at school, I am familiar with the sport first-hand. I am an ardent adherent of a healthy lifestyle. The acquaintance with bookmakers began 4 years ago – that was writing content for the websites. The passion for sports predictions appeared at that very moment.

Nowadays, I bet on football events from time to time, preferring expresses and systems. Among my favourite tournaments, it is reasonable to emphasize the Champions League, the Euro and the World Cup, but, to be honest, I also follow other interesting events in a pretty attentive way.

Sasko Inga Sasko Inga

I am a sports journalist with specialized education and 12-year experience in well-known media. I am a participant of competitions for football commentators, a professional tipster who shares the predictions for free. Many people think that betting on sports, especially on football, is not a woman’s business. It goes without saying that men predominate among the clients of bookmakers, but I am more than sure that females are able to have at least the same success. The most important thing is not a gender, but a serious attitude and responsibly.

My predictions are the results of taking into account all the nuances that can affect the event. At the same time, I am convinced of the need to trust my intuition, even if it sometimes contradicts the conclusions of the analysis. The success of any deal requires creativity and, of course, a certain amount of luck.

Aleksandr Shevchenko Aleksandr Shevchenko

I was born in 1984. Being a pupil, I dreamt of becoming a football player and was on trial in the double of the local masters’ team, but a serious injury made me forget about the professional career. Nevertheless, I continue to play at the amateur level and am a multiple winner of the championships of the city and region. After having graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of Pedagogical University, my portfolio has accumulated a lot of published articles for over a decade and a half, among which you can find not only the sports ones.

My first bet in a bookmaker’s office was made at the beginning of the century, and I have not given up this occupation up to now. The predictions of mine for the most interesting matches of the French Ligue 1 and the Italian Serie A are shown on the pages of our website

Kotsyubinskiy Yaroslav Kotsyubinskiy Yaroslav

I have been publishing sports predictions since 2016 and been fond of sports betting since the second half of the 2000s.

I prefer team games: football, basketball and hockey. Studying the pre-match conditions is considered to be of high importance, even if you prefer to bet in live mode. Long-term success is unthinkable without systematic analytical work. I always try to give the most objective assessment of the upcoming event, despite my personal likes and dislikes, in my predictions.

I pay the most attention to the German Bundesliga, as well as the leading club tournaments in South America.