UEFA Nations League B

Dates 01.06.2022 - 27.09.2022
Category International
Participants 15
UEFA Nations League B


Round 1
06 sep 2024, 10:00 Kazakhstan - : - Norway
06 sep 2024, 14:45 Iceland - : - Montenegro
06 sep 2024, 14:45 Slovenia - : - Austria
06 sep 2024, 14:45 Wales - : - Turkiye
07 sep 2024, 12:00 Georgia - : - Czechia
07 sep 2024, 12:00 Ireland - : - England
07 sep 2024, 14:45 Ukraine - : - Albania
07 sep 2024, 14:45 Greece - : - Finland

UEFA Nations League B Table

UEFA Nations League B Grp. 1 MP W D L G Diff Form Points
Scotland 6 4 1 1 11 - 5 6
Ukraine 6 3 2 1 10 - 4 6
Ireland 6 2 1 3 8 - 7 1
Armenia 6 1 0 5 4 - 17 -13
UEFA Nations League B Grp. 2 MP W D L G Diff Form Points
Israel 4 2 2 0 8 - 6 2
Iceland 4 0 4 0 6 - 6 0
Albania 4 0 2 2 4 - 6 -2
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UEFA Nations League B Latest News

Key Features of the UEFA Nations League B

Year of foundation2018
OrganizerUnion of European Football Associations (UEFA)
MembersTeams ranked 17–32 in UEFA's 55 member associations
FormatRound-robin group stage, followed by a relegation play-off
Known teamsUkraine, Sweden, Poland, Wales, Turkey, Austria, Czech Republic, Russia, Northern Ireland, and Iceland
The final matchNone
BroadcastIn Europe, the matches are broadcast by various broadcasters. In the United States, the matches are broadcast by ESPN and UniMás.
Previous winnerNone
Record winnerNone
Final heldNone
Record number of goals scored in a final49, set by Poland in 2022–23

The UEFA Nations League is an innovative tournament designed for Europe's national teams, and League B is one of the competition's tiers. In this article, we will examine the key aspects of League B, including its history, format, participating teams, important events, and interesting facts.


The UEFA Nations League was established in 2018 with the aim of replacing friendly matches with more competitive clashes between national teams. League B, as one of the tournament's levels, provides an opportunity for average and less renowned European teams to compete on equal terms.


The tournament consists of 16 national teams divided into four groups of four teams each. The teams play two matches, one at home and one away, against each of their opponents. At the end of the group stage, the team finishing in first place in each group advances to League A for the following season, while the team finishing in last place drops to League C. The teams finishing in second and third place remain in League B for the next season.

Participating Teams

League B brings together national teams that currently occupy a mid-level position in European football. Among the participants of League B, we can mention teams such as Russia, Sweden, Ukraine, Turkey, Wales, Austria, Ireland, and others. They compete for the chance to move up to the next level and vie for victory in their respective groups.

Important Events

The tournament witnesses numerous intriguing events and captivating matches. In the final of the inaugural season (2018/2019), the Welsh national team emerged victorious over the Belgian national team, becoming the champions of League B.

In the second season of the UEFA Nations League, League B (2020/2021), the final took place between the Czech Republic and Scotland. Scotland managed to secure a 2-0 victory, thus claiming the title in League B. This triumph marked a significant achievement for the Scottish national team, confirming its progress and potential.

In addition to the finals, numerous encounters take place in League B during the group stage. In each group, participants strive for first place to secure promotion to League A and to maintain their position in League B for the following season. The group stage matches offer spectators and fans the opportunity to witness tense clashes and rivalries among teams with similar capabilities.

The UEFA Nations League, specifically League B, also provides participants with the chance to enhance their rankings among national teams and elevate their standing on the international stage. Success in the tournament opens additional opportunities for participation in qualifying tournaments for the European Championship or other international competitions.

The UEFA Nations League, specifically League B, is a significant competition for national teams seeking to elevate their status and achieve success on the international stage. It offers teams the opportunity to showcase their strength and gain valuable experience by competing against opponents of similar caliber. This tournament continues to captivate football fans and create thrilling matches, contributing to the overall development of European football. Its format and structure enable weaker teams to compete on equal footing with stronger opponents, fostering diversity and competition in European football.

This competition also plays a crucial role in the development of football talents. Young players who are just beginning their careers in national teams gain valuable experience and the opportunity to perform on the international stage. This contributes to their growth and development while also attracting the attention of clubs, allowing them to continue their careers at a high level.

The finals of each season are significant events in the history of League B, where the champion of the league is determined. Each final represents an epic confrontation between two national teams vying for the title of victor. The final matches garner the attention of fans and serve as spectacular events in European football.

The UEFA Nations League, specifically League B, continues to evolve and attract increasing attention from the football community. It provides teams with the opportunity to showcase their potential, achieve success, and progress on the international stage. With its competitiveness and the diversity of its participants, League B plays a vital role in the development and growth of European football.