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4.55 /5.0 Linebet
Funds withdrawal 15 minutes
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  • Legal status
  • Large selection of sports
  • Gambling section
  • Video broadcasts
  • No tax on winnings
  • Bonus program
  • Blocking of the bookmaker's website in some countries
  • High margin
  • No mobile app for iOS

Common information about the bookmaker

📅 Founded in
📄 License
ASPRO N.V as a License Holder. Curaçao license 8048/JAZ2016-053
61 language versions, including UA, EN, RU, UZ, TJ, LT, LV,KZ, AZ, SQ, HY etc.
Payment methods
WebMoney, Skrill, e-Pay, Jeton Wallet, Sticpay, Piastrix, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Ethereum, Monero, ZCash, Bitcoin Cash, Verve, Tether, Neteller, EasyPay, IBox, ecoPayz
Funds withdrawal
15 minutes
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Linebet is a rather dodgy, difficult-to-use betting website that's probably not even available in your country.

This review will look at everything you want to know about the bookmaker Linebet.

Brief overview (General information)

Linebet was founded in 2007 and, according to them, currently has around 400,000 users. They are exclusively online and are registered in Curaçao.

If you want to use Linebet online, go to

License and Legality

Licensing of Linebet is owned by ASPRO N.V., which owns multiple other online bookmakers and casinos.

The company is registered in Curaçao, which isn't just a blue drink. It's also a Dutch island in the Caribbean. Their licence number is "8048/JAZ2016-053". However, we looked into it. According to "", companies with the licence number "8048" are often either fraudulent or cannot be held accountable.

We're not accusing Linebet of being fraudulent. However, Curaçao has far more relaxed laws around betting and consumer protection than in the U.K. or the USA.

Is Linebet legit? There is no substantial evidence to say they're not, so we'll give them the benefit of the doubt. But, considering their official registration documents are nowhere to be found, we can't be sure.

Minimum and maximum rates

If you want to bet on your favourite sports team or athlete, the minimum you can stake is £/$/€0.20. And the maximum you can stake is £/$/€28,000.

The low minimum makes Linebet a good option for people who wish to gamble but don't have a lot of money to gamble with. Or, if you're new to gambling and don't want to bet with large amounts, you can gamble with nothing more than £/$/€0.20.


To find reviews of Linebet, the first place we looked was forums and bookmaker review sites. And some people are not happy. Overall, 67% of users rated the website as "bad".

One customer complained that his account was locked after he won a large amount of money. He describes it as a "scam". Another customer complained he had issues depositing cash into his account.

However, it doesn't show the whole picture. Firstly, we should consider when we will most likely leave a review. When it's negative.
People are naturally more likely to leave a review when something is bad than we are when it's good.
Also, that 67% number I mentioned comes from just three people.

There are review articles that talk about Linebet very favourably. However, it's difficult to tell whether they are legitimate reviews or if Linebet has paid them to write positive reviews about them.

How we evaluated the bookmaker

Linebet bookmaker line

But, what's our opinion?

Well, for one thing, they do have a good selection of sports. Whether football, tennis, horse racing or even some of the more obscure sports, such as handball or esports. No matter what you're into, you can bet on it.

But that's about where our compliments end. The website itself looks cheap and tacky and is challenging to navigate. For some reason, it always wants to take you to football, even when you want to bet on other sports.

Overall, we probably wouldn't recommend Linebet.

Pros and cons

Despite what we've just said, don't think that Linebet is all bad. Let's examine why you may or may not want to gamble with Line bet.


  • There are lots of deposit methods. Whether you want to pay with your card, an e-wallet, or cryptocurrency, putting money into your account is certainly not complicated.
  • They have lots of sports to choose from. You can bet on your favourite team/player no matter what sport you enjoy watching.
  • They have a live chat. If you have an issue, just speak to a team member.
  • With plenty of slot machines and casino games, you don't need to be a huge sports fan to use Linebet.
  • Their low minimums mean even those who are nervous or on a tight budget can join the fun.


  • According to a couple of previous customers, there have been issues with deposits and payouts.
  • The search bar is difficult to find, so finding the game you would like to bet on will often take longer than it would on better websites.
  • The website design looks cheap and tacky, like someone typed in "Bookmaker website layout" onto google and used the first result.
  • Their licence is from Curaçao, which could be a tax avoidance tactic, or could be to hide legal responsibility.
  • There are no links to help those who struggle with gambling addiction.


If you were to find the official odds for any match or game, they would add up to 100. However, Bookmakers will adjust their odds to make a higher profit. For example, if there was an 80/20 chance of your team winning, they might adjust it to 80/25.

The difference between the official odds and the bookmaker's is known as marginality. Here is what we learned about Linebet's margins by doing a bit of maths.

We looked at 3 games from 5 sports; high-level football, lower-level football, horse racing, tennis, and Esports.

For high-level football, we found an average margin of about 5%. The games we used were "Crystal Palace vs Aston Villa", "Everton vs Nottingham Forest", and "Fulham vs Brentford".

We also looked at lower-level football to see if the margins were higher. By looking at betting odds from "Alvechurch vs Rushden & Diamonds", "Boston United vs Chorley", and "Durham vs Sunderland (Women), we saw an average margin of 8%. Because lower-level football is not as popular as higher level, a higher margin is required to make more money.

After football, we looked at the odds for three horse races; Bordentown, Sandown, and Charlestown. We found an incredibly high average margin of 30%. Based on this information, we assume that Linebet makes a lot of money from horse racing.

We also found that esports has an average margin of 6% and Tennis 5%.











Boxing, MMA


Average margin

Figuring out the average margin for all of Linebet would be an arduous task. We would need to figure out the average margin for all the sports they have, and it's a lot of sports. However, we can guess based on the information in the previous segments.

The average of the averages mentioned above is 11%. Although, we would take this with a pinch of salt as it's based on limited data.

Like most betting companies, Linebet hasn't released information about their margins, so it all needs to be figured out manually.

Financial operations

Linebet financial transactions

To make a deposit, you first need to create an account, we will get onto how to do that later in the article.

The two ways to make a deposit on Linebet are clicking on "deposit" or clicking on "$" and then selecting "deposit".

The deposit minimums depend on what payment method you're using, but they can vary from £/$/€1 to £/$/€5.

Withdrawal minimums also vary. They can be up to £/$/€10 if you use Skrill or ecoPayz, but most payment methods have a minimum withdrawal of £/$/€1-2.

Account replenishment

For your Linebet deposit, there is no shortage of options. Whether you would rather pay with your card, an e-wallet, or cryptocurrency.

If you like to keep it simple and just pay with your bank card, you can use either Visa or MasterCard, both of which have a minimum deposit of £/$/€1.

But, you can also pay with various e-wallets such as WebMoney, Skrill, AstroPay, PerfectMoney, MuchBetter, SticPay, and ecoPayz. You can even pay with Neteller on Linebet! Mpesa is not yet available, though.
The minimum deposit for e-wallets varies between £/$/€1 and £/$/€5, depending on which method you use.

These days, cryptocurrency is becoming more popular. And many betting sites are allowing their customers to pay with cryptocurrency. They currently have about 30 different crypto options, a few of which include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Ethereum, Monero, Zcash, DEM, Digibite, and Bitcoin Gold.
If you're ready to make a deposit, you have two options.

  1. Click on "Deposit" at the top of the page.
  2. Click "$" at the top of the page, then click "deposit".

How to withdraw money from Linebet account

To make a withdrawal, there is only one way, click on the "$" at the top of the website and then select "withdrawal". From here, you can choose how you wish to withdraw your money and how much you want to withdraw.
As always, we recommend withdrawing using the same method you used to deposit.

The withdrawal methods are the same as the deposit methods.
Most of the time, you can withdraw your funds with as little as £/$/€2 in your account, sometimes, even with just one.
However, if you wish to withdraw using Skrill or ecoPayz (two of the e-wallets), there is a withdrawal minimum of £/$/€10.


It's very rare for bookmakers to charge a commission on the money their customers win. So far, I've not come across a single bookmaker who does. And Linebet doesn't either.

We assume the main reason for this is because they make enough money from losing betters that there is no need to take a commission.

However, Linebet also runs an affiliate scheme, where people can place their betting services on their own website. Linebet will take a commission from their affiliates; this amount can be up to 35%.

Whether the cost of that commission is passed onto the customer depends on the affiliate in question.

Tax on winnings

Linebet do not charge tax on bet winnings. However, depending on where you live, your national government might.

Bonus program

Linebet bonus program

You can get a 100% Linebet bonus when you first sign up.

After you make your first deposit, so long as it's less than £/$/€100, you will have double that amount to play with.

Many bookmakers have fantastic welcome bonuses but nothing for their loyal customers; Line bet understands the importance of taking care of their existing customers.

Listed below are some of the Linebet bonus deals for existing customers.

  • Every day, Linebet runs their "accumulator bet of the day". Where customers can win extra on selected accumulator bets.
  • On Monday, customers can win up to £/$/€100 in free bets.
  • If it's your birthday, Linebet can give you a personal bonus. What this bonus consists of will depend on how often you use Linebet and how much you spend.
  • Losing several bets in a row is never nice. But, Linebet offers a bonus if you get a series of losing bets. Although, some could criticise this deal, as it prevents people who should take a break from doing so- potentially leading to gambling addiction.

Application and mobile version of the bookmaker

If you prefer to play Linebet on your phone, you can get the Linebet app. Download it on your android phone by visiting for the linebet apk.

Supported Devices

Unfortunately, the app is only available for Android devices. If you have an iPhone and wish to play Linebet on your phone, you must go to on your phone's browser.

What we find slightly suspicious is that the Linebet app isn't on the Google Play Store. You need to download the file from the Linebet website. Therefore, we wouldn't recommend it; apps from websites other than the official app store can be dangerous as they may give your phone viruses.

Comparison of the mobile version of the site with the application

As far as we know, the Linebet app and the Linebet mobile website are more or less the same. Perhaps the layout is different, or the app is easier to use. Still, the services and what you can do are likely identical.

The reason we say "likely" instead of "definitely" is alluded to in the previous section. Downloading an app on an android phone from anywhere other than the official app store is dangerous.

Official site

Official website of Linebet

Linebet's official website is

And to be honest, we are not overly impressed with it.

The first issue is that it was slow to load. This could be because we had to use a VPN to access it, but, even compared to other websites that require a VPN, it still took longer to take you from page to page.

The second issue was that it kept taking you back to football. In researching this article, we looked at several sports they allowed you to bet on. But, if you went to another tab whilst Linebet was loading, it would take you to the football matches you can bet on- even if you want to be on another sport. We're not sure if this was a technical issue, or they would prefer people to be on football than other sports, but we're assuming it's the former.

Most online bookmakers make a search bar that lets you find the matches or games you want to put your money on. But the search bar on Linebet is incredibly difficult to find. Eventually, we found it, it was at the top of the "A-Z of Sports" section, and it was so small, you had to be careful you clicked on it instead of the links next to it. Safe to say, we are not impressed.

If you need help, you need good eyesight. The "help" button is small and well hidden on the top menu.

And, if you want to find information about the company, you have to scroll to the bottom to the little section where the terms and conditions are kept.

Features of the site functionality

As with most bookmakers, Linebet allows you to view games that you can bet on, access their casino, top up or withdraw from your account, view your account details, or contact a member of the team.


Like most sports betting websites, Linebet has a casino, including a live casino where players can play tabletop games as they happen with others around the world.
They also have a few not-live games, including most of the classics you would expect: baccarat, blackjack, poker, roulette, and mega ways.

However, most of Linebet's casino is very slot based. There are about 30 different slot games that you can play. Sometimes, they even offer bonuses like free spins if you play the slots often enough.

Slot games can be fun, as it takes no skill. All you need to do is pull the lever and hope for the best. However, if you want the "casino experience", Linebet might not be the best website.


Do you want to know the live scores of your match? If you can find your match on Linebet, you can see the scores as the game is being played.
You can even place bets on the games that haven't yet finished!

And as previously mentioned, there are also a few casino games that allow you to play along live.

Broadcast matches

Although Linebet can show live scores, they do not do live streaming. Therefore, you might be able to see the score, but you won't see the goals getting scored.


One of Linebet 's more exciting betting options is the tote bet that you can do by getting hold of a "Toto Ticket". Usually, Tote bets are for horse racing, but, in the case of Linebet, they don't have to be.

Each Toto ticket will have 12 specified events. Participants of the "toto" scheme need to predict the winner for each of the 12 events. Unlike regular tote betting, instead of winning money, you win points that can only be used on Linebet.

If you guess 8/12 correctly, you get 100 points. 9 is 250 points. 10 is 1000 points. And 11 is 3000 points. And if you guess all 12 events on your toto ticket correctly, you will have 7000 points to play with.

The minimum amount you can bet on each event is £/$/€3.35.

Account registration

Signing up at Linebet

If you would like an account, the first step for account registration is to select the "Register" button, which you can find on the website's top menu.

Although you can register using your phone number, we recommend registering by email. As always, the first step is to fill out your details like where you live, contact details, password, and email address.

After verifying your account, by clicking the link emailed to you, you will receive your Linebet login (or username), which will be a series of numbers.


When you first register an account on Linebet, you will receive a verification email. To verify your account, click the link in the email.

And that is all the verification they require. Unlike many other bookmakers, you don't need to show any form of I.D. We find this odd as it means underage people could easily lie about their age and gamble when they are not legally allowed to.

Personal Area

If you want to manage your Linebet account, the personal area is just a drop-down menu. At the top of the page, you will see a button that says "My account". Click it to view the menu, which will have "Personal Profile", "Bet History", and "Settings''.

The personal profile allows you to change your details (for example, if your phone number changes). And the "settings" will enable you to verify your phone number, or sort out two-factor authentication, to make your account more secure.

Bookmaker's rules

All bookmakers have rules, and Linebet is no exception. If you want to know the full rules, go to linebet official site, scroll to the bottom, and click "Terms and Conditions' '.

But, some of the most important ones are that you must be of legal age in your country. Once a bet has been registered, it can't be revoked, don't expect a refund if your team doesn't do so well.
All bet winnings will be in your account in up to ten days.

And most importantly, Linebet reserves the right to stop or cancel your account anytime for any reason.

Safety and reliability

The safety and reliability of Linebet are below par. The only good thing we can say about it is that you can pay with Visa and MasterCard, which are globally known as safe and secure.

But, there is no help or support for people with gambling addictions. Nor is there any verification beyond email verification? In theory, a 14-year-old would be able to create an account. We are not impressed.

Customer support

If you want help from the technical team at Linebet, call +44 20 4577 0803.

They also have several email addresses, depending on what your problem is.

  • Security
  • General feedback or a
  • Payment
  • Anything

Social activities (Sponsorship)

Linebet does not sponsor anyone.


Overall, we would not recommend Linebet. Its current legal status is a bit dubious, and the website itself is just unpleasant to use.

Although it's not all bad, on balance, there are plenty of much better bookmakers out there.


How to use the Linebet bonus?

Just create an account, verify your email address, and put up to £/$/€100 in your account.

How to withdraw from Line bet?

At the top of the page, click the "$" symbol. Then, go to "Withdrawals" and pick how you want to withdraw.

How to play Line Bet?

Find the game you want to make a linebet prediction on, select what you wish to predict (overall score, which team will win, etc.), choose how much you want to stake, and press "Place Bet".

How to create an account in Linebet?

At the top of the page, select "Register", select "Register by email", and fill out your details.

How to replenish an account in Linebet?

Click "$" at the top of the page, select "Deposit", and select which method you want to use and how much you want to put in.

How to pass online identification in Linebet?

Click the link in your verification email.

Where to download the Linebet mobile app?

Go to Linebet official website and click "Mobile Application" to download the apk file.

How to place a bet in Linebet?

Find the game you want to make a linebet prediction on, select what you wish to predict (overall score, which team will win, etc.), decide how much you want to stake, and press "Place Bet".

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