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  • Many years of experience and authority
  • Legality
  • Large betting selection
  • Live events with audio and video
  • Online broadcasts
  • CashOut
  • Limited access to registration
  • Medium odds, high margin
  • Verification delays
  • Not many promotions for existing customers

Common information about the bookmaker

📅 Founded in
Stoke on Trent, UK
📄 License
55148 from the British Gambling commission
Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Chinese, Greek, Portuguese, Czech, Slovak, Estonian, Japanese, German, Danish, Norwegian, Bulgarian, Polish, Romanian, Hungarian, Dutch, and Russian
Payment methods
Skrill, Skrill 1-Tap, Neteller, Maestro, Mastercard, Visa, Apple Pay, Trustly, Paysafecard by Skrill, AstroPay, PayPal
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Restricted Countries
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Brief Overview

Bet365 is a British gambling and sports betting company founded in 2000 in Stoke on Trent.

However, it wasn't until a year later, in March 2021, that we first saw, and the company became the nationally known betting website that many of us are familiar with.

From small friendlies between semi-professional teams to the largest sporting events on the planet. If you want to place a bet, bet365 will allow you to do so.

Whatever your sport, Bet365 has you covered, be that football, basketball, tennis, or even e-sports. And, if you're not into Sports, you can bet on which politicians you think will win in upcoming elections and leadership races.

Bet365 has live updates for many sporting events, with some even allowing betters to watch the games as they happen.

bet365 Offer For New Customers

License and Legality

As with most British gambling websites and shops, Bet365 is licensed and regulated by the British Gambling Commission; their license number is 55148.

In most legal documents, the company name is not registered as "Bet365" but as "Hillside (UK Sports) inc".

Therefore, if you wish to look at company records, you should search for the latter, as the former is more of a product name than a company name.

Their current license was renewed on the 17th of October 2019 and is valid until later in 2024.

Internationally, Bet365 is available in most places where online gambling is legal. In the United States of America, the only place you can (legally) use Bet365 is New Jersey.

Maximum and Minimum Rates

If you want to place a bet with Bet365, the lowest amount you are allowed to put on the line is 10p. This small number is helpful for people who might be worried about developing a gambling addiction or just wish to gamble for fun and don't mind about the money.

In most of Europe, and New Jersey, the minimum stake would be 10 cents.

The maximum customers can spend on a bet vary from sport to sport.

For example, you can bet up to £2,000,00 on football matches such as the Men's international football, Premier league, championship, and other top-level leagues.

Those who enjoy betting on horse races can bet up to £1,000,000, but only on races in the UK and Ireland.

Other sports, smaller football matches and international horse races have lower maximums.


Bet365 likes to market itself as the "World's favourite betting site". However, we're not sure where they get that information from.

According to open sources and players' opinions, 87% of people who have reviewed Bet365 describe it negatively. Some of the comments say that it cuts you off when you win too much, changes the odds on a whim, and essentially doesn't want their customers to win any money.

Despite the negative comments, it is still an internationally known betting brand, so clearly, they must be doing something right.

Pros and Cons


Low minimum bet and deposit

With just a £5 deposit, you can bet for as little as 10p. Making this an excellent website for people who are on a budget but still find betting enjoyable.

Great offers for new members

Bet365's "new member offer" changes so regularly that any mentioned in the article might not still be applicable when you read it.

However, the gambling site likes doing what it can to attract new customers.

Great customer service

If you have an issue, you can talk to someone who can provide quick and efficient help.

Easy to use site layout

You'll never be confused about how to find your sport or how to place a bet. The site layout makes placing bets simple and easy.

Good selection of payment options

However you want to put in and take out your money, Bet365 will probably have that option. If you wish to use a disposable card, your regular bank account, or PayPal. Both giving and getting your money with Bet365 can be done in just a few clicks.

Live events with audio and video

Although this won't apply to all events, some events will allow you to either watch or listen live. So you can see the results as they happen.

Large betting selection

No matter your sport or which team you want to bet for, Bet365 has plenty of options that will make any sports fan happy.


Not many promotions for existing customers

As mentioned earlier, Bet365 has plenty of fantastic deals for new customers. But, once you've used up your "new customer deal", there aren't many deals or discounts. Perhaps they need to work better on rewarding loyalty.

Often limits your account when you win too much

Some customers have complained that their account was cut after winning too much money. Although this could be fraud prevention, it has made some betters unhappy.

The odds can change on a whim

Some customers have complained that the odds change randomly and seemingly without reason.


To make more money, most betting companies will adjust the odds so that no matter what happens, they still make a profit.

Sometimes, this margin is so small that it's barely noticeable. Still, other times, it can significantly affect how much people could win.

Please note that Bet365 has not publicly disclosed information about its marginality. All of the information in this section has been calculated using our own mathematics.

High-Level Football

To calculate the margins from high-level football, I used Bet365's odds from "Aston Villa v Everton", "Arsenal v Leicester", and "Brighton v Newcastle". The average of the three was 105.47%, meaning high-level football had a margin of 5.47%.

Low-Level Football

Using betting odds from "Billericay v Cray", "Bishop's Stratford v Haringey", and "Bognor v Hornchurch", we calculated an average of 111.4%, giving low-level football an average margin of 11.4%.

As you can see, low-level football has a higher margin than high-level. Because fewer people bet on it, a higher margin is needed to make more money.

Horse Racing

For horse racing, we calculated the average margin to be 13.13%, using betting data from "4.50 Tramore", "1.00 Doncaster", and "5.05 Greyville (SA)".

The margin for horse racing is probably higher than in football because there are always more horses than football teams. A higher margin is required to cover the costs of the various probabilities.


E-Sports is an increasingly popular genre. People make money from playing video games competitively.

We took the information from "Team BDS v Misfits Gaming", "Team Vitality v SK Gaming", and "Rogue v Excel" to find an average of 107.28%. Hence, Esports has an average margin of 7.28%.


With information from "Beau Pelletier vs Marcus McDaniel", "Nicolas Kotzen vs Tomas Rodriguez", and "Will Mayhew vs William Bushamuka", we found an average margin of 7.9%.


Popular Events

Ordinary tournaments
















Average Margin

Figuring out the "average margin" would be borderline impossible because Bet365 have not released any information about it.

To figure out this question, we would have to calculate the margins for about 20 sports. However, based on the information provided in the previous section, it's safe to assume that the average margin is likely between 8% to 15%.

Factors that impact the margin of a sport include the sport's popularity and the number of athletes/teams in one event.

Financial operations

If you want to place a bet, you must deposit at least £5 into your account. Those who wish to bet with large amounts can't easily add more than £100,000 into your account- an amount this high needs to be added to your Bet365 account via a wire transfer.

In terms of withdrawals, there is a minimum amount of £5.

There is no maximum withdrawal amount. However, if you wish to withdraw more than £20,000, you will need to arrange the transfer with Bet365- this is most likely a safety measure to prevent fraud.

In most of Europe, the minimum deposit is 5 euros, and in the USA, it's $10.

Account Replenishment

When you want to top up your account, there is no shortage of options.

The most common method would be via debit or credit card. All you need to do is type in your card details and select the amount. It's how most people pay for most things on the internet - Bet365 accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Those who wish to speed up the deposit process may want to pay via Google Pay or Apple Pay. These methods will take the money from the same account as if you were paying via debit or credit card.

Alternatively, you can also PayPal. Which some people may find to be quicker and more secure.

If you don't want Bet365 to show up on your bank statements, you can also pay using a Paysafe Card, which is a form of disposable, prepaid credit card.

And finally, you can make your deposit using a bank transfer.


Most of the time, withdrawals will be made using the same method you used to deposit. So, if you made your deposit using Credit Card, you can expect your winnings to be put on the same credit card.

If, for whatever reason, you can't withdraw on the same method you used to deposit (if your credit card expires between your deposit and withdrawal), the payment will be made via a wire bank transfer.

Generally, all withdrawals are free. However, more significant amounts may acquire some withdrawal fees. And documentation is rarely needed, but Bet365 may ask for it if they become suspicious or unsure.


Bet365 does not take a commission on winnings or withdrawals.

Tax on winnings

If you live in the UK, winnings from sports bets are not taxed. Therefore, Bet365 will not charge you any taxes.

Bonus Program

Bet365 has plenty of bonus offers for new customers. Although their "welcome bonuses" change often, the following section is about their offers for January 2024.

  • Bet £10, and get £50 in free bets.
  • "League Winner Early Payout". A single bet will be paid out if your team takes a 10-point lead.
  • "Bet Boost". You can win more money on selected teams or athletes.
  • "ITV Racing 4/1". Get up to £50 back, even if your horse loses.
  • "Refund for 00:00". You will get a refund if you bet on a match and neither team scores.
Current offers on bet365 website

Application and mobile version of the bookmaker

Bet365 has an app available to download on Android and iOS devices.

On either device, the app is free to download. Although Bet365 also have a very mobile-friendly website, so downloading the app is unnecessary.

How to download the bet365 app

Supported Devices

The app is available on Android and iOS devices.

However, the website,, is available on any device with access to an internet browser. This could be a personal computer, mobile phone, or even X-Box.

Comparison of the mobile version of the site with the application

There is very little difference between the Bet365 app and website. There is a slight difference in the layout, but the difference is negligible, and most people wouldn't notice.

Official site

Bet365's official website is

The website is easy to use and allows customers to place bets with minimal fuss.

If you don't speak English, you can set the language to- Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Chinese, Greek, Portuguese, Czech, Slovak, Estonian, Japanese, German, Danish, Norwegian, Bulgarian, Polish, Romanian, Hungarian, Dutch, or Russian.

bet365 home page

Features of the site functionality

The design of makes it easy to do any of the following.

  • Place a bet.
  • Play casino games.
  • Play Slot Games.
  • View the terms and conditions.
  • Watch live sports games.
  • Look at the offers.
  • Contact a staff member.
  • Look at your current bets.
  • An A-Z of the sports you can bet on.


Bet365 has an online casino with games such as Blackjack, Poker, and Roulette. So, if you want the casino experience without leaving your home, you can have it on Bet365.

As well as regular casino games, they also have a large variety of slot games, including "Book of Horus", "Spin Reely", "Sizzling 7's", "Ancient gods", and many more.


By clicking the "In-Play" section, you can view live results as they happen. Not only can you see live scores, but you can also view which player has the ball or who's in the lead.

Some games will even allow you to place bets during the game. Some sports fans might find it fun to predict what will happen based on how the rest of the game has gone so far.

Broadcast matches

In the aforementioned "In-Play" section, some games even have a little symbol that looks like a play button.

Games with this button allow you to watch the game live. Although please note that this applies only to a select few games, the majority of games will not allow you to watch live.

Also, to view live games, you must have some money in your Bet365 account.


Usually, Tote betting is done for horse racing. Bet365 do allow tote betting but under some very complicated and convoluted terms and conditions.

We would not recommend Bet365 for tote betting as it's overly complex and not what the website is designed for.

Account registration

To place a bet, account registration is required. To register, go to and select "Join now".

To create an account, you must enter your country, name, birthday, contact details, and address and set your bet365 login details.

Financial details are required when you make your first deposit. This will usually be your credit card number and CVC code.


When you first join, you will need to verify your email address. But that is easy. Just click the link in the email they send when you first join.

You may also need to verify your payment details. This is often done via banking apps or similar security procedures.

If you wish to use the "Welcome Bonus", you will need to verify your identity. To do this, you will need to send bet365 a copy of your driver's license, passport, residency permit, or PVC- any two of these will be required for the "Welcome Bonus".

Personal Area

To view the personal area, click on the little person symbol in the top right of the website.

In this section, you can view the bets you have placed, which can help you decide whether you want to place another or if you've already spent enough.

You can also see how much money is in your account, so you can decide whether or not to top up.

You can also edit your account details, set controls (if you worry about developing an addiction), and view your previous betting history.

Bookmaker's rules

By law, bet365 is not allowed to let anyone under 18 create an account. They require all the information you provide to be true and accurate. If anything changes, such as moving house or changing your phone number, you need to edit your account details.

Bet365 has the right to cancel anyone's account for any reason. Suppose they suspect bankruptcy, fraudulent activity, unfair betting, or are requested to by the police. In that case, they will shut down the account and most likely ban that user from creating a new one.

Although this article has already mentioned that some people get annoyed with their accounts being shut down, it shows that Bet365 takes safety and security very seriously.

Safety and reliability

Bet365 works with various gambling addiction charities to ensure that all their users are gambling for fun and not to fulfil their addiction.

If they suspect one of their customers to have a problem, they may shut their account and refer them to one of the charities.

The company is registered with the UK gambling commission.

For payment, all of their payment options are encrypted and secure. So, you will never have to worry about your private data being exposed.

Technical support

Like it or not, technical issues are part of life. But, this does not stop them from being incredibly frustrating.

Some of gambling websites' most common technical issues are display issues, trouble logging in, problems with depositing, and unresponsive links.

Thankfully, Bet365 has a fantastic tech team available 24/7 to help. You can contact them via a live chat or email

Social Activities and Sponsorship

Bet365 sponsor the following:

  • Stoke on Trent (Football team),
  • 2022 Majors Competition (A golf tournament),
  • Group Two Duchess of Cambridge Stakes (Horse Racing).

This article was updated in January 2024, so perhaps when you're reading this, they will sponsor different teams and tournaments.


Overall, Bet365 is a simple but not perfect sports betting website. It has a fantastic variety of sports to bet on.

With an easy-to-navigate website and a good range of payment options, if you're new to sports betting and just want to do it for a bit of fun, Bet365 is a good choice.


How to use Bet365 bonus?

That depends on which bonus you want to use. But, for most of them, register your account, verify your identity, and deposit at least £10.

How to withdraw from Bet365?

Select "Account", select "withdraw", and enter how much you want to withdraw and your password.

How to play Bet365?

Deposit money into your account, select the match you want to bet on, choose your bet365 prediction, and enter the amount you wish to stake.

How to create an account in Bet365?

On Bet365, select "Join Now".

How to replenish an account in Bet365?

Select the account symbol, select "Deposit", select your payment method, and how much you wish to add.

How to pass online identification in Bet 365?

Go to, click on "Verification" (underlined), select "Upload verification document", and send any two of the following: driver's license, passport, residency permit, or PVC.

Where to download the Bet365 mobile app?

You can download the Bet365 app from Google Play or the iOS Store.

How to place a bet in Bet365?

Select the game you wish to bet on, select your bet365 prediction, select your stake, and press "Place bet".

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