Ukraine reacted to Russia's return to UEFA

Football news 27 sep 2023, 05:21
Kenley Ward Dailysports's expert Kenley Ward
Ukraine reacted to Russia's return to UEFA Ukraine reacted to Russia's return to UEFA

The Ukrainian Football Association (UAF) expressed its reaction to the UEFA decision to return youth football teams of the Russian national team to international competitions. Ukrainian football officials have called on other countries to boycott games with Russian teams.

“The UAF categorically condemns the UEFA decision to return the U17 team from the Russian Federation to international competitions. The Ukrainian Football Association insists on maintaining the previous decisions of UEFA and FIFA to ban the participation of all Russian teams in international tournaments under the auspices of these organizations.

The UAF confirms that it will not participate in any competitions involving Russian teams and calls on other UEFA members to also boycott possible matches with teams from the Russian Federation if they are allowed to participate.

We strongly ask UEFA to reconsider this decision and maintain the previous complete ban on the participation of any Russian teams in international competitions,” reads a statement published on the official website of the UAF.

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