Mourinho has reacted to Juventus point deduction

Football news 23 may 2023, 14:30
Mourinho has reacted to Juventus point deduction Photo: Instagram José Mourinho/Author unknown

The head coach of AS Roma, Jose Mourinho, has expressed his support for Juventus, who had 10 points deducted due to financial irregularities.

"I feel sorry for Allegri and the Juventus players. It's a strange decision to take away their points just a few rounds before the end of the championship. The players have given their all on the field throughout the season, but it has simply been taken away from them. I feel sorry for the professionals who work as hard as I do. They are forced to pay for mistakes made by directors and the club," Mourinho said, as quoted by Football Italia.

As a result of the point deduction, Juventus has dropped from second to seventh place in the Serie A standings and is currently out of the European qualification zone.

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