Messi compared the Argentina national team with Barcelona

Football news 18 oct 2023, 03:20
Messi compared the Argentina national team with Barcelona Photo: FIFA Twitter

World football legend Lionel Messi compared the current level of the national team with the level of his former club, Catalan Barcelona.

In particular, the Argentine spoke out after the victory over Peru in the qualifying match for the 2026 World Cup in South America.

The Barcelona legend and Argentina striker stressed that he was impressed by the team's level of play.

"I can compare it with Barcelona, considering that we are very close in level. Despite the fact that Barcelona is considered the best team in history, the Argentine national team also has a high level thanks to winning the Copa America and the World Cup. The team has its own a unique style that identifies us and we are proud of it.

Since they won the America's Cup and the World Cup, the team has become more confident and relaxed. We always strive to have the ball and enjoy playing football," said the player.

He also emphasized the importance of a good team atmosphere, which makes everything easier, and expressed his pride in the young players who continue to strive for victories despite the success they have already achieved.

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