The CONCACAF Nations League final was halted due to homophobic chants

Football news 25 mar 2024, 06:12
The CONCACAF Nations League final was halted due to homophobic chants Photo:

In the nocturnal hours of Monday, March 25th, the final match of the CONCACAF Nations League took place between the United States and Mexico.

The United States national team secured a convincing 2-0 victory. Tyler Adams scored a miraculous goal towards the end of the first half, while Giovanni Reyna sealed the match. This marks the third consecutive CONCACAF Nations League title for the USA, having defeated Mexico twice and Canada once in the finals.

However, the game was not without controversy. In the final minutes, the referees were forced to suspend the match for eight minutes. This decision was made due to homophobic chants from fans supporting the Mexican national team. The game was halted in the 88th minute and resumed at 90+6.

The situation did not go unnoticed by CONCACAF, which condemned such actions and expressed deep disappointment that such behavior persists in modern football.

"Security personnel at the stadium identified and removed a significant number of fans, and the match referee and officials activated FIFA's protocol. It is extremely unfortunate that this issue continues to be a problem at some matches," the statement read.

It's worth recalling that in Turkey, fans of Trabzonspor attacked Fenerbahçe players directly on the field. After the match, Fenerbahçe players celebrated their victory, which angered fans of the home team. Trabzonspor supporters rushed onto the field and assaulted Fenerbahçe players.

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