Portanova could receive a five-year suspension

Football news 21 oct 2023, 15:49
Portanova could receive a five-year suspension Photo: vk.com/manolo_portanova

At the end of last year, Italian central midfielder Manolo Portanova received a court ruling regarding his involvement in a rape case that had been ongoing since early 2022.

His former club, Genoa, decided to distance themselves from the 23-year-old player, who was sentenced to six years in prison, but later the conditions of his confinement were changed to house arrest.

However, the high-profile case did not prevent the footballer from returning to training in the summer of 2022 and ultimately ending up in the Reggiana squad in Serie B on loan.

Since, despite the severity of the sentence, the player effectively avoided it by continuing to play at a professional level, the sports department of the Italian Prosecutor General's Office has decided to once again appeal to the Sports Guarantees Commission, requesting stricter sanctions on Portanova. Now, prosecutors are seeking a five-year suspension for Manolo Portanova for his involvement in a group rape case, as well as a ban on engaging in any football-related activities for that period.

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