"We have to focus on the Premier League" - Liverpool head coach after Europa League exit

Football news 19 apr 2024, 01:46
Steven Perez Dailysports's expert Steven Perez
"We have to focus on the Premier League" - Liverpool head coach after Europa League exit Photo: https://twitter.com/brfootball

Liverpool's head coach, Jurgen Klopp, delivered his commentary following his team's exit from the UEFA Europa League quarter-finals.

According to the expert, they faced a significant obstacle after the first leg (a three-goal difference), yet he admired the intensity and determination displayed by his players.

"Everything proved arduous, and at times, we found ourselves overly hasty. We emerged victorious in the match, and it epitomized the response we aimed to convey. It was a challenge, and we anticipated it to be so, but Atalanta unequivocally merited progression.

We must refocus on the Premier League, and henceforth, that shall be our pursuit. Today, we clinched victory, hence reverting to our winning ways. We have several days to recuperate before our match against Fulham. It will be an entirely different encounter, albeit a formidable one," Klopp stated.

The coach added that he harbored mixed feelings, as his team secured a victory but exited the playoffs. According to Jurgen, they harbored a fervent desire to compete in the final.

Recalling that Thursday, April 18, witnessed the second-leg matches of the UEFA Europa League quarter-finals. Atalanta lost to Liverpool (0:1) but advanced to the next round owing to their commanding victory in the first leg (3:0). West Ham and Bayer Leverkusen drew (1:1) - Leverkusen progresses. Roma, in the second leg, triumphed over Milan (2:1).

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