UEFA fined the French team due to their supporters

Football news 29 feb 2024, 15:33
UEFA fined the French team due to their supporters Photo: https://twitter.com/OM_Officiel

UEFA has decided to fine Marseille for the behavior of their fans before Europa League matches, as announced on the official website of the organizers.

The team has been fined €50,000. This is due to the fact that before the first leg of the Europa League round of 16 against Shakhtar, which took place on February 15, supporters used pyrotechnics. The referee had to pause the match for several minutes due to this behavior. Additionally, Marseille has been prohibited from selling tickets to their fans for one away match in European competitions. The ticket-selling ban is conditional, with a probationary period of two years from the date of the decision.

It is worth noting that Marseille forward Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang scored against Shakhtar in the Europa League round of 16 second leg. This goal marked the Gabonese striker's 31st in the second most prestigious club tournament in Europe. Thus, the experienced forward surpassed Radamel Falcao, who had 30 goals, becoming the top scorer in the history of the tournament.

Marseille defeated Shakhtar 5-3 on aggregate, and in the Europa League round of 16, they will face Villarreal.

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