Two tournaments in Bolivia were discussed through fixed matches

Football news 07 sep 2023, 13:32
Oliver White Dailysports's expert Oliver White
Two tournaments in Bolivia were discussed through fixed matches Photo: Wikipedia

Two tournaments in Bolivia were canceled due to match-fixing, according to the WashingtonPost.

On Tuesday, the Bolivian Football Federation canceled two tournaments over suspected match-fixing involving players, referees and club executives. This decision was made at a meeting of the football council in Santa Cruz. Representatives of all 17 clubs of the first division were present at the meeting. 14 teams agreed to stop the tournaments, two clubs were against, one – abstained.

The president of Bolivia's football body said that there is a "web of corruption" in the country. It includes referees, players and club managers, but he did not name names. In addition, the majority of the team decided to dismiss three members of the refereeing commission – Alejandro Mancilla, Wilson Estrada and Juan Carlos Cardozo.

Some club managers in separate messages stated that they had caught the players of their teams in corruption schemes. However, their names were not announced either.

The football body of Bolivia appealed to CONMEBOL to organize a quick tournament, instead of the two canceled ones.

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