The winner of the Copa del Rey 2024 is known

Football news 06 apr 2024, 18:47
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The winner of the Copa del Rey 2024 is known Photo: / Author unknown

In Spain, the owner of the second most prestigious soccer trophy was determined. Athletic Bilbao and Mallorca competed in the final of the King's Cup.

Athletic was considered the obvious favorite of the match, but the score was opened by Mallorca players in the first half: Daniel Rodriguez scored. However, almost immediately after the teams returned to the pitch after the break, Oian Sanset restored parity.

The 1-1 draw lasted until the end of the main time, as well as the entire overtime. The teams had to decide the winner in a penalty shootout, where Atlético's players proved to be better.

For Athletic Bilbao, this is the 24th Copa del Rey. According to this indicator, the team ranks second in the history of Spanish soccer, but last time won this trophy in 1984. Recall that Barcelona currently has 31 King's Cups, and Real Madrid has 20.

For Mallorca, this is only the second victory in the Copa del Rey and the third major trophy in the history of the club. Last time the club won the tournament in 2003, when it also won the Spanish Cup.

Recall that the winner of the Copa del Rey gets a place in the UEFA Europa League. But in the case of entering the UEFA Champions League through La Liga, his participation in the Europa League is canceled.

Athletic Bilbao - Mallorca 1:1 (penalty shootout 4:2)
Goals:Sancet 50 - Rodriguez 21

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