The player of the Spain women's national team testifies to the prosecutor's office against Rubiales

Football news 06 sep 2023, 11:09
Oliver White Dailysports's expert Oliver White
The soccer player of the Spanish national team testifies to the prosecutor's office against Rubiales Photo:

The player of the Spanish women's national team filed an official complaint against the head of the Spanish Football Federation, reports El Partidazo de COPE.

Jennifer Hermoso filed a formal complaint against Luis Rubiales. Currently, the player of the Spanish national team is testifying in the prosecutor's office for a kiss without her consent. They add that the complaint is a prerequisite for the prosecutor's office to be able to transfer the case to the national court.

The women's national team of Spain became the world champion, beating England in the final with a score of 1:0. During the award ceremony, the president of the Football Federation, Luis Rubiales, hugged and kissed the soccer player Jennifer Hermoso without her consent. The Spaniard did not like this action. The next day, the president of the Spanish Football Federation apologized, saying he was sorry, after being criticized by fellow footballers, the media and even the Spanish prime minister.

Also, Rubiales' mother announced a hunger strike because of the "inhumane treatment of her son." In addition, FIFA suspended Luis Rubiales from the post of president of the Football Federation for 90 days.

By the way, the head coach of the women's team of Spain was dismissed because he supported Rubiales.

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