The champion of Wimbledon 2023 is divorcing her husband

Tennis news 24 apr 2024, 10:26
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The champion of Wimbledon 2023 is divorcing her husband PHOTO; Twitter

The Wimbledon 2023 champion, Marketa Vondrousova, is divorcing.

The 24-year-old Czech revealed to the press that she has already parted ways with her husband, Stepan Shimek, and has settled everything, including the division of property.

It's worth noting that Marketa and Stepan knew each other since childhood. Vondrousova was 15 when they began dating. Shimek was also involved in tennis, but his career was cut short due to injury, after which he shifted his focus to academics. Marketa and Stepan got married in July 2022.

Vondrousova elaborated on her grandfather's death and her divorce.

- A month ago, you returned early from the tournament in Indian Wells. Was the reason for this your grandfather Stanislav's health condition, who was battling cancer?

Yes. In America, I found out that he was very ill, so I really wanted to see him again and say goodbye. I'm very glad I flew over and managed to do so. He still felt my presence.

- How painful were these moments for you?

Even now, it's difficult for me to talk about it. One realizes what is important in the world and significant in life, that tennis is not everything. My grandfather was the one who stood at the beginning of my tennis career; he was there for everything important. Without him, I would never have achieved so much.

- Who supported you in this difficult situation?

I was with my family, my parents, and my sister. We supported each other, we all loved my grandfather very much. And we bid farewell to him together, although there was no public funeral.

- Were you not with your husband?

No. I haven't been very happy in the past few weeks. Our marriage with Stepan fell apart a few weeks ago; we broke up. He moved out of our shared apartment, taking even the cat with him. Now we are all alone, and we have no one.

- This summer, you were supposed to celebrate your second wedding anniversary. What happened?

We didn't manage to. It wasn't what we both imagined, so we agreed not to be together anymore. We are now finalizing the divorce, but we have settled everything.

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