The Brentford director has not ruled out the possibility that Toney will stay at the club

Football news 30 mar 2024, 13:27
The Brentford director has not ruled out the possibility of Arsenal's target will stay at the club Photo: Getty Images / Matt McNulty

Brentford director Lee Dykes has commented on the future of the team's main star, Ivan Toney.

"We have to be honest, as we were with David Raya. Ivan has an ambition to play at a higher level, and that's normal, but it has to be on Brentford's terms.

However, there's also a scenario where Ivan stays at the club, and that's what we all want. We want Ivan to remain at the club and play for Brentford in the Premier League for many years," Lee Dykes said for UnitedStandMUFC.

The 27-year-old Toney's contract with Brentford expires in the summer of 2025. The forward, who recently scored his debut goal for the England national team, is of interest to several clubs.

Among the contenders for the player, London-based Arsenal is traditionally mentioned. Recently, it was reported that West Ham would also compete with the Gunners for the forward.

In the winter, Brentford set a price of £100 million for Toney's transfer, which deterred potential buyers from completing a deal in the last transfer window. However, this does not rule out the possibility of selling the forward in the summer for a lower price.

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