Utah will be home to NHL club. What we know so far

Hockey news 19 apr 2024, 02:43
Steven Perez Dailysports's expert Steven Perez
Officially. The NHL team will commence playing in Utah from the upcoming season onward Photo: https://twitter.com/ArizonaCoyotes

The leadership of the National Hockey League has officially confirmed the relocation of the Arizona Coyotes to Utah.

The exact name is yet to be disclosed, but it will begin with "Utah" and exclude "Salt Lake City." The name, logo, colors, and jersey design will be determined later. Most likely, the inaugural season will feature a temporary name and logo. The new team will play at the arena of the Utah Jazz basketball team, initially accommodating 12,000 seats, later expanding to 17,000.

"I believe we'll look at this and say, 'Hey, listen, we can be beneficial.' I think there are ways when expansion would be much simpler and much better. I also think there are ways to do it much better. The infrastructure is there. There's a registry. There are assets.

So, we can all talk about what the best option will be in five years, but Utah is ready for the team. Let's go," stated the new team owner, Ryan Smith.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman remarked that the relocation to another city is a fantastic idea.

"It's a great area for winter sports, so we look forward to heading to Utah. We believe NHL hockey will thrive there," he said.

It's worth noting that the Arizona Coyotes became the third team to relocate to another city. Apart from the Atlanta Thrashers, these teams include the Hartford Whalers, Quebec Nordiques, Kansas City Scouts, among others. The Minnesota North Stars, Colorado Rockies, and the original Winnipeg Jets left their cities but soon returned to the NHL.

Furthermore, the New York Rangers clinched the NHL regular-season championship.

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