Braga scored the winning goal for Union in the last minute, Real Sociedad's win over Salzburg

Football news 03 oct 2023, 14:45
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Two matches from Tuesday's first slot in the second round of the Champions League have concluded.

Goals by Oyarzabal and Brais Mendes delivered a triumph for Real Sociedad over Salzburg on their away fixture. The Basque side now occupies the top spot in this group with 4 points, while Salzburg retains three points. This group also features Inter Milan with one point and Benfica with none.

The match in Berlin proved to be exceptionally dramatic. After Becker's brace, Union led 2-0 against Braga. However, the Portuguese side orchestrated a remarkable comeback, leaving Berlin with all three points. In the fourth minute of stoppage time, Andre Casto secured the decisive goal. Braga has caught up with Napoli and Real Madrid, both also having three points. Union Berlin, on the other hand, has lost both matches, conceding crucial goals in the dying minutes.

Champions League

Matchday 2

Salzburg 0 - 2 Real Sociedad

Goals: Oyarzabal, 7 (0-1), Brais Mendes, 27 (0-2).

Union Berlin 2 - 3 Braga

Goals: Becker, 30 (1-0), Becker, 37 (2-0), Nyakate, 41 (2-1), Bruma, 51 (2-2), Andre Castro, 90+4 (2-3).

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