Dnipro-1 suffered a crushing defeat in the Europa League qualifying match

Football news 10 aug 2023, 15:09
"Dnipro-1" suffered a crushing defeat in the qualification match of the League of Conferences Photo: Instagram "Slavia" / Author unknown

In the first match of the 3rd qualifying round of the Europa League, Ukrainian team "Dnipro-1" suffered a 0-3 defeat to Czech side "Slavia" in an away game. The match took place in Prague at the "Sinobo Stadium".

Ivan Schranz opened the scoring early in the game. Schranz scored his second goal on the 38th minute, completing his brace. On the 59th minute, the hosts were reduced to 10 men due to Igo Ogbu's red card. Towards the end of the match, Conrad Vallem sealed the victory with the third goal.

The second leg match between "Dnipro-1" and "Slavia" is scheduled for August 17. The match will be played in Kosice (Slovakia) at the "Kosice Arena".

"Slavia" Czech Republic – "Dnipro-1" Ukraine - 3:0 (2:0, 1:0)
Goals: 1:0 – 5 Schranz, 2:0 – 38 Schranz, 3:0 – 81 Vallem

"Slavia": Kolarz, Ogbo, Golesh, Dorli, Provod, Lingr (Shevchik, 79), Zafeyris (Yurasek, 90), Masopust, Van Buren (Hiti, 79), Schranz, Yurechka (Vallem, 79).

"Dnipro-1": Kinareykin, Adamyuk, Svatok (Pasic, 46), Sarapiy, Kravets, Babenko (Pikhalenok, 61), Tretiakov (Lednev, 11), Hutsulyak, Blanco, Rubchinsky (Bill, 80), Filippov (Kivinda, 80).

Yellow cards: Svatok (41), Babenko (53), Lednev (71), Rubchinsky (74), Kravets (87), Masopust (90).

Red card: Ogbo (59).

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