The president of La Liga will be receiving a higher salary

Football news 24 oct 2023, 13:45
The president of La Liga will be receiving a higher salary Photo:

Clubs from La Liga and the Segunda Division have voted to increase the salary of La Liga president Javier Tebas, according to El Espanol.

Out of the 42 clubs, 40 voted in favor of increasing his salary, with only Real Madrid and another unnamed club voting against the proposal.

As a result, the official will be able to earn up to 5.4 million euros. While the fixed portion of his salary remains the same at 2.1 million euros, the size of bonuses Tebas receives at the end of each season for the league's financial success will change.

It's worth noting that Tebas served as La Liga's vice president for three terms from 2001 before taking over as president in 2013. He won the election with a significant majority, receiving 32 out of 42 possible votes. In his pre-election program, Javier Tebas promised to clean up Spanish football from match-fixing and make ticket prices more affordable.

Also, when Tebas initially assumed the presidency in 2013, he criticized his predecessor for the size of his salary and initiated a reduction, lowering his own salary to 348,000 euros annually. However, he has since advocated for its increase.

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