The Dallas police are searching for the Chiefs' receiver due to involvement in a massive crash

NFL News 31 mar 2024, 14:52
The Dallas police are searching for the Chiefs' receiver in connection with a car accident Photo: Author Lola Gomez

Kansas City Chiefs player Rashee Rice is suspected of being involved in a six-car accident in Dallas. According to law enforcement officials, the athlete's car was involved in the accident on the North Central Expressway.

In connection with this incident, the police are searching for the Chiefs' receiver. It is unclear whether Rice was at the scene of the accident, as there was no one behind the wheel of his car. According to the Dallas police spokesperson, preliminary investigation suggests that two cars were speeding and lost control, causing a serious accident.

The Lamborghini and Corvette went off the road, triggering a chain reaction of collisions involving four other vehicles. The suspected drivers of both cars fled the scene. Some of the injured were hospitalized with minor injuries. Rice is listed in the police call log as the suspected driver of the Corvette, but he has not been arrested. It is also unknown whether any charges have been filed against him.

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