Stanley Cup playoffs repeat 54-year-old achievement

Hockey news 22 apr 2024, 05:33
Steven Perez Dailysports's expert Steven Perez
Stanley Cup playoffs repeat 54-year-old achievement Photo:

Over the course of two days, six matches were held as part of the Stanley Cup playoffs. In all matches, the hosts emerged victorious.

Thus, in the six opening matches, there were six home wins. This statistic is historic, as it's the first time since 1970. Additionally, for the first time in a playoff opener since 1985, 13 goals were scored. This occurred in the match between the Winnipeg Jets and the Colorado Avalanche.

It's worth reminding that the Dailysports team has prepared the schedule and results of the 2024 Stanley Cup playoffs for you. On Sunday evening, April 21, and into Monday, April 22, two games each were held in the Eastern and Western Conferences.

Furthermore, the National Hockey League has officially confirmed the relocation of the Arizona Coyotes to Utah. The exact name is still unknown, but it will certainly begin with the word "Utah" and exclude Salt Lake City. The name, logo, colors, and jersey design will be determined later. Most likely, the first season will feature a temporary name and logo.

The new team will play at the arena of the Utah Jazz basketball team. Initially, it will accommodate 12,000 seats, which will later increase to 17,000.

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