NBA admits referees' mistake in Knicks-Philadelphia match

Basketball news 24 apr 2024, 12:06
Steven Perez Dailysports's expert Steven Perez
NBA admits referees' mistake in Knicks-Philadelphia match Photo: NBA

In the nocturnal hours of Wednesday, April 24th, a playoff match transpired between the Knicks and Philadelphia, culminating in New York's triumph with a scoreline of 104:101.

During this encounter, the officials inadvertently failed to record two fouls against Tyrese Maxey, a player for Philadelphia. The NBA announced that Jaylen Branson of the Knicks, in one instance, grasped Maxey by the jersey before his shot attempt, while in another, Josh Hart propelled Maxey, causing him to tumble to the ground.

Furthermore, the 76ers' coach, Nick Nurse, requested a timeout, which went unnoticed by the referees. When he sought the timeout for the second time, it was denied as Maxey was not in possession of the ball at that moment. The report also highlights two additional overlooked incidents: a foul by Embiid against Divincenzo just moments before Branson's three-pointer, and a violation of the three-second rule in defense by Knicks' forward O.G. Anunoby a little over a minute before the end.

Recalling that the leader of the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James, expressed discontent with the officiating in the second NBA playoff match against Denver. The incident that provoked LeBron's dissatisfaction occurred in the third quarter when the referees called a foul on Jamal Murray against D'Angelo Russell.

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