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Football news 19 apr 2024, 05:17
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The head coach of the German national team, Julian Nagelsmann, has extended his contract with the national team.

The German Football Association announced that the coach will continue his work with the national team until 2026. This decision was made by the supervisory board and shareholders' meeting of DFB GmbH & Co. KG.

"This decision comes from the heart. It is a great honor for me to have the opportunity to coach the national team and work with the best players in the country. Through successful and passionate performances, we have the chance to inspire the entire nation.

The two victories against France and the Netherlands in March allowed us to feel this. I was deeply moved by the enthusiasm of the fans. Now, we all want to play a successful European Championship at home, which is what we all aspire to.

After that, I look forward to the challenge of the World Cup with my coaching staff," Nagelsmann shared his thoughts.

It is worth recall that the press service of the German Football Association announced Nagelsmann's appointment as the head coach of the German national team on September 22, 2023. The coach's contract was initially until July 31, 2024. Nagelsmann's primary task was to prepare the team for a successful performance at the European Championship, hosted by Germany.

Earlier, it was reported that Julian Nagelsmann might return to his former club.

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