Incredible comeback. The team of Bosnia & Herzegovina won after 0:3 in the match against AZ

Football news 21 sep 2023, 15:59
An incredible comeback. The team from Bosnia and Herzegovina lost 0:3 in the match against AZ Photo:

The team for Bosnia and Herzegovina Zrinski hosted AZ Alkmaar in the first round of the Conference League.

AZ was considered the unequivocal favorite of this game. And in the first half, the Dutch team fully confirmed this with their game. Van Brederode opened the scoring in the tenth minute. AZ continued to control the game and in the 32nd minute doubled the lead with Meinansen's effort. At the end of the first half, the score became 3:0, De Wit scored a goal.

After the first half, the hosts lost 0:3, but they did not give up and did something incredible.

Already at the beginning of the second half, Kozhul made the score 1:3. Exactly 20 minutes later, full intrigue returned to the match, Chorluka reduced the deficit to one goal. Literally after a few minutes, the score became a draw - 3:3.

It took Zrynski another ten minutes to take the lead. Kozul scored a double and helped the Bosnian team make an incredible comeback.

League of Conferences. First round. Group E

"Zrynski" - "AZ Alkmaar" -- 4:3 (0:3)
Goals: 0:1 - 10 Brederode, 0:2 - 32 Meinansen, 0:3 - 44 De Wit, 1:3 - 48 Kozhul, 2:3 - 68 Chorluka, 3:3 - 71 Hrvanovich, 4:3 - 81 Kozhul

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