VIDEO. Messi dedicated Ballon d'Or to Inter Miami fans

Football news 11 nov 2023, 02:32
VIDEO. Messi dedicated Ballon d'Or to Inter Miami fans Photo: Inter Miami Twitter/Author unknown

Today, the "Noche d'Or" friendly match took place between Inter Miami and New York City. The game unfolded at Fort Lauderdale's "Drive Pink Stadium."

Prior to the match, Lionel Messi graced the field, walking on a carpeted pathway, holding the Golden Ball. The Argentine maestro addressed the entire stadium, expressing gratitude to the fans and dedicating the award to them.

The ambiance within the stadium was simply mesmerizing. Messi performed under subdued lighting, with only a single beam illuminating the footballer. Post his performance, all supporters responded with an ovation. Applause resounded not just from his club's fans but also from those supporting New York City.

Following the ceremonial segment, the teams engaged in the match. Undoubtedly, a fitting conclusion to the evening could have been a goal by Messi, but unfortunately, he didn't make his mark, and his team suffered a defeat.

New York City opened the scoring in the 44th minute, and early in the second half, in the 47th minute, the guests doubled their advantage. In response, Inter Miami managed a solitary goal through Robbie Robinson, courtesy of a pass from Sergio Busquets. Messi completed the entire match on the field.

It's worth noting that Inter Miami failed to advance to the MLS Finals, prompting the club to content itself with friendly matches until the next season begins in February. Previously, the team had planned to journey to China for two friendly games, but their visit was canceled.

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