"I'm in love with his game!": PSG coach praises Dembele

Football news 22 oct 2023, 07:09
"I'm in love with his game!": PSG coach praises Dembele Photo from sport.es/Author unknown

In yesterday's match, PSG secured a convincing 3-0 victory against Strasbourg at their home stadium. Kylian Mbappé, Carlos Soler, and Fabián Ruiz each contributed with a goal.

During the 66th minute of the game, PSG's coach, Luis Enrique, made the first substitution for his team, replacing Bradley Barkley with Usman Dembélé. Although Dembélé failed to score in this match, Enrique expressed his admiration for the Frenchman's style of play and does not view his lack of goals as a problem.

"I think we need to leverage Usman's strengths. In my opinion, he is a unique player. I don't see it as an issue that he doesn't score or play a decisive role in the final pass. He creates a numerical advantage, attracts three opposing players, and creates space for his teammates.

He isn't afraid of being fouled or contested. He presses and defends. We need to make the most of his strengths. He will play better, that's for sure. Yes, there may be days when things don't go as well. But it's all important for us. I have no concerns about him. I'm in love with Usman's style of play and see nothing wrong with it".

Usman Dembélé moved to PSG from Barcelona during the summer transfer window for €50 million. In ten matches, he has yet to score a goal, registering only two assists.

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