Chelsea fans ask to postpone the team's match

Football news 27 oct 2023, 01:12
Chelsea fans ask to postpone the team's match Photo: Chelsea Twitter

The decision to hold the match between Chelsea and Wolverhampton on December 24, on the eve of Christmas, expressed dissatisfaction among Chelsea fans.

A statement on this matter was published by the CST fans group.

“We find it completely unacceptable to plan a match on Christmas Eve. We immediately stated that this date would be inconvenient for fans as soon as rumors about this appeared. "Scheduling the game on this day could cause problems for staff at the local stadium, as well as inconvenience for fans who would have to travel to the stadium," fans of the London club wrote.

They also demanded an urgent meeting with the people who made this decision. Fans expressed hope that representatives of other Blues fan groups would also join their demands.

CST also calls on the Premier League to consult with fans and reverse the decision to play the match on the specified date.

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