Messi spoke about his oddities in everyday life

Football news 19 sep 2023, 06:15
Messi spoke about his oddities in everyday life Messi spoke about his oddities in everyday life

Argentina captain Lionel Messi, who plays for Inter Miami, spoke about some interesting moments from his daily life.

In an interview with Toda Pasion, the Argentine forward admitted that he has some peculiar quirks.

“Before I go to bed, I will prepare the table for the next day. Breakfast... each of us takes our permanent place at the table - the children, Antonela and I,” he shared.

As you know, the Argentine footballer moved to the American club last summer. For his new team, he has already played in 11 matches, in which he scored 11 goals and made five assists.

Earlier it became known that Messi is one of the favorites in the fight for the Ballon d'Or award 2023. In his career, the Argentine has already won the Ballon d'Or seven times - this is a record achievement. Before moving to the United States, he spent two seasons in the French PSG, with whom he twice became the national champion.

Also in the same interview, Messi talked about what kind of dishes he likes to cook. According to the Argentine, he is not picky about food.

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