Despite all the failures. Ten Hag denies rumors and says he will stay at Manchester United

Football news 25 may 2024, 04:14
Robert Sykes Dailysports's expert Robert Sykes
Despite all the failures. Ten Hag denied all rumors and said that he will remain at Manchester Unite Image: Sky Sports / Author unknown

Recently, there have been numerous rumors about the dismissal of Manchester United's head coach Erik ten Hag. The club's management was reportedly drawing up a list of successors for the Dutch specialist, and there was speculation that the club would part ways with Ten Hag regardless of the FA Cup final's outcome.

However, Ten Hag himself has decided to refute these rumors. During an interview with the Dutch publication Voetbal International, he stated that he will remain with the club.

"INEOS told me they want to change everything and rebuild together with me.

This is what they told me directly."

Ten Hag described this season as the worst of his career.

“This is undoubtedly the most difficult season I have ever had.”

According to the coach, the team's failures were due to the high number of player injuries.

"Of all the staff in the organization, I communicated the most with the club doctor this season. I think that says it all."

The Dutch specialist also addressed the rumors about his dismissal.

"English pundits want us to score. They want to show they are worth their money, and for them,

Manchester United is an easy target. This is the biggest club in England and possibly the world. The club is either loved or hated; there is no middle ground.

So when things go wrong, they all start talking about it very loudly. All this negativity comes from so-called experts who lack the ability to analyze things based on facts, but prefer to attack people to make themselves look better.

These same people patted me on the back last year. Last year I 'walked on water,' and this year I am the worst coach in the Premier League."

Ten Hag also commented on the lack of trophies at the club.

"Manchester United last won the championship in 2013. Eleven years ago. Yet everyone still expects us to win every game and compete at the top. This club is not ready for that.

We had to start building something, and we took the first steps last year, but then it became clear how big this club is and that no one is ever satisfied.

Inside the club, people were pleased, but outside the club, there was noise saying that I only won the League Cup, lost the FA Cup final, and finished third.

Well, then these people have no sense of reality. Other clubs had much better squads."

Let us remind you that Manchester United will play their final match of the season today in the FA Cup final against Manchester City, aiming to win a trophy this season and secure a spot in the Champions League.

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