Bundesliga newcomer wins 8-0 in German Cup

Football news 13 aug 2023, 10:42
Bundesliga newcomer wins 8-0 in German Cup Photo: Twitter "Heidenheim" / Author unknown

In the 1/32 finals match of the Bundesliga newcomer "Heidenheim," playing away, defeated "Rostocker" from the fifth German division. The match took place in Rostock at the DKB Arena and ended with a crushing score of 8:0 in favor of the visitors.

At the beginning of the match, Adrian Beck opened the scoring. A few minutes later, Tim Kleinheinz increased the guests' advantage. In the 15th minute, Kleinheinz scored again, completing a brace. A few minutes later, Lennard Melouni scored the fourth goal. In the 38th minute, Marvin Piringger added the fifth goal. At the beginning of the second half, Eren Dinkçi scored the sixth goal. In the middle of the second half, Piringger scored his second goal, making it 7-0. At the end of the match, Stefan Schimmer set the final score.

"Rostocker" (Division 5) - "Heidenheim" (Bundesliga) - 0:8 (0:5, 0:3)
Goals: 0:1 - 9 Beck, 0:2 - 12 Kleinheinz, 0:3 - 15 Kleinheinz, 0:4 - 18 Melouni, 0:5 - 38 Piringger, 0:6 - 53 Dinkçi, 0:7 - 72 Piringger, 0:8 - 87 Schimmer.

"Rostocker": Schneider, Shah Sedi, Ben Kadi, Weiss, Martin, Mitzelfeld (Handy, 81), Dagboji, Sharf (N'Diaye, 87), Mikolaychak (Kessler, 87), Banuas (Huber, 64), Cruze (Akojo, 64).

"Heidenheim": Müller, Bush, Mainka, Zirzleben, Ferenbach, Melouni, Beste (Pik, 61), Beck (Dovedan, 61), Kleinheinz (Tomalla, 61), Dinkçi (Zessa, 61), Piringger (Schimmer, 78).

Yellow cards: Weiss (32), Mitzelfeld (54).

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