The Manchester United captain has decided to stay at the club, but hopes for reciprocity

Football news 25 may 2024, 05:07
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The Manchester United captain has decided to stay at the club, but hopes for reciprocity Photo from / Author unknown

In recent times, there have been numerous rumors suggesting that the current captain of Manchester United, Bruno Fernandes, would depart the team at the end of the season. However, the midfielder himself decided to refute these rumors by addressing the fans directly.

Initially, he posted a message on his social media, but realizing that it wasn't sufficient, he turned to the fans through The Players’ Tribune. This occurred ahead of the final match in the FA Cup against Manchester City.

United fans were immediately apprehensive when Fernandes began reading his letter, as it started with the words "Dear United." However, the team's captain proceeded to declare that he has no intention of leaving the club this summer.

He shared his plans to remain at Old Trafford with the fans and drew attention to the club's poor league results, which saw United finish eighth, their lowest position in the Premier League era.

"After this challenging season, my duty is to give more. It starts with me. And it will start tomorrow. We must give our all in this final match against City, and we must move forward," Fernandes wrote.

"I love stepping onto Old Trafford more than anything else in the world. I don't want to leave. It has always been my dream," he added.

However, Fernandes also emphasized his hope for reciprocity from the club regarding the continuation of their collaboration.

"I simply want my expectations to align with the club's expectations," he wrote.

To recall, Fernandes has been playing for Manchester United since 2020, when he transferred from Sporting Lisbon. His contract with the club is set to expire in 2026.

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