"Play against us." Manchester United were trolled in San Marino after defeats to Crystal Palace

Football news 07 may 2024, 06:11
Robert Sykes Dailysports's expert Robert Sykes
"Play against us." Manchester United were trolled in San Marino after defeats to Crystal Palace Photo: Premier League website / Author unknown

In yesterday's match of the 36th round of the English Premier League, Crystal Palace convincingly defeated Manchester United on their home turf. The hosts scored two goals in each half.

For the first time in their history, the Red Devils reached thirteen defeats in a Premier League season. They once again have a negative goal difference (52-55). They remain in eighth place in the league table, and although they still have mathematical chances for European competitions next season, they may part ways with them.

The public on social media was outraged by Manchester United's performance. Many called for the immediate dismissal of current manager Erik ten Hag, suggested former club legend Wayne Rooney as a replacement, and proposed other ideas to improve the game.

Some simply mocked the Red Devils' performance.

However, a noteworthy comment came from the San Marino national team. Following yesterday's match result, on Manchester United's social media page, they added a comment with the text:

"Hello, play against us, please."

The last victory of the San Marino national team was over twenty years ago when they narrowly defeated Liechtenstein (1-0). That was 140 matches ago. During this period, this modest team has only six draws, with all other results being defeats. It is worth noting that the victory over Liechtenstein was in a friendly match, and San Marino has never won at an official level.

In total, San Marino has played 202 matches at various levels throughout its history, with one victory and nine draws. Therefore, such a level of trolling accurately reflects the current situation of Manchester United.

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