A Bundesliga debutant can play in the European Cups. Still, there are two conditions for this

Football news 19 may 2024, 03:53
Kenley Ward Dailysports's expert Kenley Ward
A Bundesliga debutant can play in the European Cups. But there are two conditions for this x.com/FCH1846

In the latest Bundesliga round, Heidenheim, who completed their first-ever season in the top tier of German football, finished in eighth place. This remarkable achievement means the modest club might make their debut in European competitions next season, provided one of two conditions is met.

On May 25, Heidenheim players will be cheering for Bayer Leverkusen in the German Cup final of the 2023/24 season against the lower-league team Kaiserslautern from the Second Bundesliga.

The crux of the matter is that a victory by the German champions will secure Heidenheim a spot in the Conference League. Otherwise, Kaiserslautern will qualify for the Europa League, and Hoffenheim will head to the Conference League.

However, even if Kaiserslautern wins, Heidenheim's European aspirations remain alive. Should Borussia Dortmund triumph over Real Madrid in the Champions League final, Eintracht Frankfurt will qualify for the Champions League from sixth place, thus allowing Germany to have nine teams in European competitions.

If both Bayer Leverkusen and Borussia Dortmund win their respective finals, Heidenheim will play in the Europa League, with Werder Bremen competing in the Conference League.

Interestingly, Heidenheim has been managed by Frank Schmidt since 2007. Under his tenure, the team has risen from the fourth division to this unprecedented success.

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