Legia sensationally beats Aston Villa

Football news 21 sep 2023, 15:02
Legia sensationally beats Aston Villa Photo: https://twitter.com/LegiaWarszawa

Aston Villa started the new Conference League season with an away match against Legia. The game took place in Warsaw as part of the first round of Group E.

The match started quite efficiently. In the third minute, Pavel Vsholek helped Legia open the scoring in the match. However, after three minutes, the guests won back. John Duran equalized from a pass from Niccolò Dzangiolo. In the middle of the first half, Legia took the lead again, thanks to the efforts of Ernest Muchi. However, Aston Villa fought back again. In the 39th minute, Luka Dinh scored the goal.

In the sixth minute of the second half, Ernest Muchi scored a double and put the Polish team ahead for the third time in the game. No matter how hard Aston Villa tried, they couldn't create a good scoring opportunity. In the entire second half, they scored two shots on target, as did Legia.

Aston Villa sensationally lost to Legia with a score of 2:3.

League of Conferences. First round. Group E

"Legia" - "Aston Villa" - 3:2
Goals: 1:0 - 3 Vsholek, 1:1 - 6 Duran, 2:1 - Muchi, 2:2 - 39 Dinh, 3:2 - 51 Muchi

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