Jose Mourinho shared his working methods

Football news 22 oct 2023, 16:24
Jose Mourinho shared his working methods Photo: Author unknown

Roma's head coach, Jose Mourinho, shared his working methods and his approach to player relationships.

«In football, the most important thing is to win, not to sell a philosophy. This is not about selling excuses; it's about being a winner.

If training starts at 10 am, I don't wait a minute. Even if you're Diego Maradona, whom I've never had the pleasure or honor of coaching, starting at 10 am means starting at 10 am. There's no discussion. The team is what matters most, even if you're the best player in the world.

As a coach, you must be both soft and strong. Winning three matches in a row isn't heaven, because defeat is looming. Losing two or three matches in a row isn't hell, because you're going to get out of that dark moment and start winning again.

Maintaining the right balance is very important, and I've learned a lot with experience. The more experience you have, the more balanced you become. Players look at you and see a rock, someone they can trust», - Mourinho said in a recent interview with

Previously, there were rumors linking Mourinho with Saudi Arabian clubs.

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