De Ligt is unhappy with his playing time

Football news 17 sep 2023, 15:37
De Ligt is unhappy with his playing time Photo:

The Bayern Munich defender is unhappy with his playing time, reports Sky Sports.

After the Bundesliga match between Bayer and Bayern Munich, Dutch player Mathias De Ligt expressed his displeasure with his playing time in the team. He stated that he did not play much in the last four matches and he is not very pleased and does not like the football player very much. In the match against Bayer, the 24-year-old defender appeared in the 85th minute instead of Konrad Leimer. In total, in four tours, De Ligt spent 37 minutes on the field.

According to the player, the head coach of Bayern Munich, Thomas Tuchel, did not explain such a decision in any way. Currently, the German manager trusts and relies more on Upomecano and newcomer Kim Min-jae, so De Ligt is mostly on the bench. Moreover, having come on as a substitute in the match against Bayer, the Dutchman is playing in an unusual position for himself.

We will remind that Mathias De Ligt transferred from Juventus to Bayern Munich in the summer of 2022, the transfer amount was approximately 67 million euros. During this period, he played 48 matches as part of Munich.

Bayer Leverkusen drew with Bayern Munich in the fourth round of the Bundesliga.

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