Barcelona to earn money from Pedri's injury

Football news 07 july 2024, 09:58
Alex Olise Dailysports's expert Alex Olise
Barcelona to earn money from Pedri's injury Photo:

Barcelona midfielder Pedri sustains injury in Euro Championship quarterfinal against Germany.

Barcelona's midfielder, Pedri, sustained an injury during the quarterfinal match of the European Championship between Spain and Germany. The young player had to be substituted early in the game after a rough tackle by Toni Kroos. The German midfielder publicly apologized to the talented Spanish player on his social media accounts.

Interestingly, Barcelona stands to earn a significant amount from Pedri's injury. If the injury turns out to be severe, the Spanish club could receive compensation under FIFA's Club Protection Program. According to the Spanish publication Sport, UEFA will pay Barcelona €20,548 for each day Pedri misses beyond one month.

It should be noted that the Spanish national team has advanced to the Euro 2024 semifinals, where they will face France.

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