Barcelona can sign two free agents

Football news 15 sep 2023, 13:00
Barcelona can sign two free agents Photo:

Barcelona wants to strengthen its team, but to do so at great expense, according to Sport.

After the closing of the transfer window, Barcelona still continues to strengthen the team. One of the positions that needs strengthening is the midfield. The two players being considered for signing are currently without clubs and could arrive as free agents in the winter. They are Jean-Philippe Gbamen and Joshua Gilavogy.

The 27-year-old Gbamen trained and prepared in the youth national teams of France, but at the adult level he began to play for the national team of Cote d'Ivoire. He spent three seasons at Mainz, four at Everton, and the last of them on loan at Trabzonspor. 32-year-old defensive midfielder Josua Gilavoga, who previously played in La Liga. In 2014, he became a champion in the state of Atlético Madrid and reached the final of the Champions League. Also, he managed to play for Bordeaux, Atlético, Wolfsburg and Saint-Etienne.

Also, Barcelona are following two players from Portugal. One of them is Benfica midfielder Joao Neves and Sporting player Dario Essugu. However, due to financial problems, Barcelona is unlikely to be able to sign both players.

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