Two Bayern legends could retire soon

Football news 12 june 2024, 06:34
Yasmine Green Dailysports's expert Yasmine Green
Two Bayern legends could retire soon Two Bayern legends could retire soon

The legends of German football are gradually retiring. Toni Kroos will retire at the end of Euro 2024 and two Bayern Munich stars could soon follow in his footsteps.

Recordmeister bosses, according to Sport BILD, expect Manuel Neuer and Thomas Müller to announce the end of their careers in 2025. This will, among other things, help to relieve Bayern's wage bill.

Both players are paid a combined 40 million euros a year, 20 for each, and they are the highest paid players in the team. Saying goodbye to these players will help free up big salaries for new players as early as 2025.

Neuer, 38, has been a Bayern player since 2011, having moved there from Schalke Gelsenkirchen, while Muller, 34, is a pupil of the club's academy and has been in the main team since 2008.

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