The Man Utd striker had an accident and crashed his Rolls Royce for £700,000

Football news 24 sep 2023, 05:39
The Manchester United striker had an accident and destroyed his £700,000 Rolls Royce Rashford and his car/The Sun

Yesterday, following his team's victory, the Manchester United forward was involved in a car accident. The player was driving home from the training ground in Carrington and crashed his car. The police were immediately called to the scene, but neither the player nor anyone else required medical attention, and no arrests were made.

On social media images, you can see significant damage to Rashford's car. Based on these photos, it is possible to assume that the vehicle may have collided with a nearby safety island at speed. Rashford was behind the wheel of a £700,000 Rolls Royce Black Badge Wraith.

Manchester United's captain, Bruno Fernandes, also quickly arrived at the scene and stayed to offer assistance. In today's photographs of the area, you can see traffic cones and barriers around the debris-strewn safety island.

As a reminder, yesterday Manchester United narrowly defeated Burnley away, marking their first win since August. After six matches, the club is currently in eighth place in the league table.

Let us remind you that it was previously reported that the former Manchester United star apologized for drunk driving.

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