Ronaldo's goal helped Al-Nassr beat a mid-table team in the Saudi Arabian championship

Football news 16 may 2023, 16:50

In the 27th round of the Saudi Arabian championship, Al-Nassr defeated Al-Ta'ee with a score of 2-0.

The away team secured the victory with goals from Cristiano Ronaldo from a penalty kick and Talisca.

With 60 points, Al-Nassr currently holds the second position in the Saudi Arabian championship standings.

Al-Ta'ee - Al-Nassr - 0-2 (0-0)
Goals: Ronaldo, 52 (penalty) - 0-1, Talisca, 80 - 0-2

Al-Nassr: Rossi, Al-Ghanam, Alvaro Gonzalez, Al-Awdhalmi (Al-Amri, 83), Conan (Boussouf, 90), Luis Gustavo, Al-Sulayhim (Al-Naji, 73), Al-Haybari (Al-Fatil, 90), Talisca, Garib (Yahya, 73), Ronaldo.

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