Chelsea boss ready for Tottenham fans' discontent tomorrow

Football news 05 nov 2023, 04:38
Chelsea boss ready for Tottenham fans' discontent tomorrow Photo PA/James Manning

Chelsea's head coach, Mauricio Pochettino, has responded to the possibility of Tottenham fans jeering him in tomorrow's match when he returns to North London.

Pochettino made the move to Chelsea during the summer, a decision that sparked controversy and dissatisfaction from one of Chelsea's fiercest rivals, Tottenham. The Argentine coach had been in charge of the Spurs for over five years, from 2014 to 2019.

Regarding the potential for Tottenham fans to boo him on Monday, Pochettino told The Guardian:

"I didn't make the decision to leave. We had to part ways because I was sacked. This is not a criticism of the club towards me, but we weren't the ones deciding I would leave. Perhaps I could still be there."

Pochettino also reflected on his complex relationship with Tottenham's chairman, Daniel Levy, who dismissed him back in 2019. He expressed his admiration for Levy:

"Daniel is genuinely clever. The work he's doing for Tottenham is tremendous. You've seen how Tottenham was 20 years ago and how it has changed and developed. You have to recognize his work. He sent me a message when I signed my contract, wishing me all the best. We need to be honest. Almost six years of working together. A lot has happened in six years, good and not so good. We can't forget our relationship."

The match between Tottenham and Chelsea will be the final fixture of the eleventh round of the Premier League and will take place tomorrow at Tottenham Hotspur's stadium, with the kickoff scheduled for 21:00 Central European Time.

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