The scandal surrounding Manchester City is gaining new momentum

Football news 23 june 2024, 11:05
Alex Olise Dailysports's expert Alex Olise
The scandal surrounding Manchester City is gaining new momentum Photo:

Manchester City faces potential punishment for violating financial fair play rules, and the scandal now seems to be escalating. The club is threatened with the publication of hundreds of compromising emails and documents provided by the hacker responsible for the Football Leaks scandal.

Rui Pinto has announced his intention to shake the football world once again with new, explosive documents that he claims will prove that City deliberately breached financial fair play regulations. The Sun reports this.

The 35-year-old Pinto gained access to thousands of emails from Etihad and leaked some to the media in 2018, keeping most of the documents. Previous leaks included details of former coach Roberto Mancini's contract, image rights agreements involving Yaya Toure's agents, and correspondence about the club's sponsorship income.

Pinto is preparing to release new documents just as City faces a hearing in November over 115 allegations of financial misconduct by the Premier League. Pep Guardiola's team, which won a historic fourth consecutive Premier League title last month, is accused of hiding payments through third parties, disguising them as sponsorship income.

Manchester City denies all charges and any wrongdoing. It is believed that some of the evidence for the hearings will come from Football Leaks.

Pinto, who has been under a witness protection program since 2020, stated via video link from his safe house at the OffShore-Alert Marbella conference:

"Manchester City's reports show sums of money paid by the club that were not disclosed to the football authorities. These documents are part of the Premier League's investigation into City. I have handed over five hard drives with millions of documents, including those related to City, to French and German authorities and described their contents."

Manchester City responded by expressing surprise at the impending financial fair play investigation. The club's statement reads:

"We welcome the review of this matter by an independent commission to impartially examine all the irrefutable evidence in support of our position. We therefore look forward to the resolution of this matter once and for all."

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