The legendary Argentine coach criticized modern football

Football news 08 july 2024, 02:12
Steven Perez Dailysports's expert Steven Perez
The legendary Argentine coach criticized modern football Photo:

The Argentine coach currently leading Uruguay, Marcelo Bielsa, criticized contemporary global football.

According to the expert, football is a ubiquitous phenomenon. Impoverished individuals, lacking the means to purchase what brings them happiness, once found solace in free football. However, that is increasingly less the case now.

"So what has happened to football? Football has always been a communal heritage. Essentially, football is a communal heritage. Why? Because impoverished people have very limited opportunities to buy what makes them happy, as they lack the funds.

Therefore, football is free, with origins rooted in the people. It is one of the few things accessible to impoverished people. But today, they no longer have this. Seventeen-year-old players like Enrik are going to Europe, even that winger from Palmeiras and others.

It's unfortunate that I have to say these things, because all they will do is criticize me. Perhaps you (addressing journalists) should be the ones discussing these matters, since you are not part of this business. Otherwise, you wouldn't be asking me these questions. Or perhaps you are part of this business, doing this to provoke me to speak.

The media, undoubtedly, should prevent such outspoken voices like mine, who sometimes wield societal influence, from being heard so loudly. You listen to my response because I am the head coach of the Uruguayan national team. Otherwise, who would care to hear what I say? But as representatives of the profession, you wield the power of the media, a power that manipulates everything to the maximum. Why not conduct an investigation to expose the lies?" - stated Marcelo Bielsa.

It's worth noting that Uruguay defeated Brazil in the quarterfinals of the 2024 Copa America in a penalty shootout.

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