Shevchenko remembered his legendary goal against Juventus. VIDEO

Football news 03 nov 2023, 04:43
Shevchenko remembered his legendary goal against Juventus. VIDEO Photo: open sources

World football legend Andrei Shevchenko remembered how he scored a masterpiece goal against Juventus.

The goal that went down in history happened in December 2001.

In an interview with The Athletic, the former Ukrainian national team forward admitted that this is one of his favorite balls. In that match, Shevchenko threw the ball over the collar of Gianluigi Buffon and many are still wondering whether it was a shot or a cross into the penalty area.

Shevchenko admitted that there was some luck in that episode.

“I looked into the opponent's box to see where my teammates were... and then I just tried to shoot because there was no chance of anyone running into the box.

My goal was to hit the target and it turned out very well. It's a good goal, good skill, staying on your feet and then shooting.

It was the only way I could score from that angle. If I had hit with force, it would have been easier to parry such a blow. Which solution is best? If I'm in that position, all I can do is throw it around, try to make that shot", - he said.

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