Portugal won 9:0 without Ronaldo: the coach spoke on this matter

Football news 12 sep 2023, 05:00
Portugal won 9:0 without Ronaldo: the coach spoke on this matter Photo: UEFA Twitter

Portugal national team coach Roberto Martinez summed up the results of a major victory in the match with Luxembourg in the Euro 2024 qualifying.

The Portuguese team won the match with a score of 9:0. It is interesting that the captain of the Portuguese national team, Cristiano Ronaldo, did not take part in this meeting.

After the game, Martinez said that even without such a star player, he has many high-quality players in his squad.

"We cannot say that the team plays better without Ronaldo. He is very important to us, as is Pepe. Their energy and hard work contribute a lot to our team. We also need to give Gonçal Ramos and Jota the opportunity to show their skills. Ronaldo has experience and a special lifestyle, so we don't need to compare. Our team is ready to win even without him," Martinez said, according to O Jogo.

Note that the Portuguese won their sixth match in the group and scored 18 points. The team scored 24 goals against their opponents and never conceded a single goal. In fact, the Portuguese have already guaranteed themselves a place in the final part of Euro 2024.

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