Manchester United's star believes that the Arsenal manager made a mistake in choosing the goalkeeper

Football news 22 oct 2023, 08:31
Manchester United's star believes that the Arsenal manager made a mistake in choosing the goalkeeper Photo from unknown

During the recent offseason, Arsenal secured the services of Spanish goalkeeper David Raya on loan from Brentford. Raya has already featured in seven matches for the Gunners, conceding six goals. Meanwhile, his counterpart, Aaron Ramsdale, who has been with the club for the past three seasons, is increasingly finding himself on the substitute bench.

The legendary Manchester United defender, Gary Neville, has expressed his perspective on the correctness of Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta's choice of goalkeeper following yesterday's match between the Gunners and Chelsea.

In that fixture, the Spanish goalkeeper was caught out due to an error by Mikhail Mudrik, who capitalized on Raya's off-positioning to score a goal. Arsenal conceded the first goal as early as the 15th minute from a penalty, and Mudrik converted his opportunity at the start of the second half. Arsenal managed to recover towards the end of the match, thanks to goals from Declan Rice and Leandro Trossard.

In Neville's view, Raya is beginning to feel the pressure associated with being the new number one in the lineup.

"David Raya started well at Arsenal, but then he had the Champions League game [against Lorient], followed by the game against Manchester City. Now this game [against Chelsea]. He looks uncomfortable. He has that look on his face, 'Help.' This is the toughest position, and of course, when you're at one of the biggest clubs in the league, you're under the closest scrutiny, especially as a goalkeeper."

This situation has been created by Mikel Arteta. Let's be clear on what's happening with Ramsdale and Raya. It's unusual, but Arteta is saying it can work. I never believed it was possible, and I think we're seeing existing issues now because there's going to be pressure. Aaron Ramsdale didn't make many mistakes at the start of the season. But now Raya is starting to make errors."

Ramsdale was previously the clear choice of Arsenal's manager but the arrival of the Spaniard has led to his diminished role in recent weeks. There remains a great deal of uncertainty regarding how well these two will mesh in the long term, rendering each mistake and achievement even more significant.

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